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Volunteer Training

Support makes all the difference.

We’ve got the required volunteer trainings, enrichment opportunities, and resources you need to make your volunteer experience amazing.

Volunteer training is offered in a variety of ways, so as to best meet your unique learning styles: face-to-face learning, interactive online learning, written and electronic resources – and additional methods are being developed and tested all the time!

We have two online training sites to provide you will the fullest support we have to offer:

1. gsLearn: for any currently registered adult member with an active volunteer role. 

2. GSGLA Online Training site: for any adult—including non-members— involved with a troop or group in any capacity.

Local Support

Volunteers in your community are there for you. Whether you are helping with the cookie program or leading a troop, service unit team members are there to guide you in your chosen role. Attend your monthly service unit meetings to keep up with not only the latest information, events, and training, but to network with other leaders, and learn tried and true tips from experience leaders.

Online Training

On your time schedule, training just for you. Take interactive modules to learn about Girl Scouting and more. Select from categories that fit your role and your needs – such as troop leader, troop treasurer, product program chair, service unit team member and more. You can track the trainings you have completed! Online training available all the time.

We have two online training sites to provide you will the fullest support we have to offer: gsLearn and GSGLA Online Training site

1. gsLearn is available to any currently registered adult member with an active volunteer role (i.e. leaders and co-leaders, treasurer, service unit team members, etc.)

gsLearn is Girl Scouts’ official online and on-demand training forum. It empowers users (“learners”) to complete training as it works best for them. Learners have access to Girl Scout–specific content that supports accuracy and consistency across the Girl Scout Movement.

Find modules and resources to help you in your Girl Scout position. Access through the My Account landing page (the same place you access the Volunteer Toolkit and your Member Profile.)

2. GSGLA Online Training site, our council's original online training site, is still available for any adult, including non-members. The GSGLA Online Training site has modules and resources for anyone involved with a troop or group, in any capacity. This site is where you can find all our virtual troop meeting resources! Create an account and start learning!

In-Person Classes

With us, the fun of learning never stops!  Whether you learn best in a classroom or by a campfire, we can provide a first class Girl Scout education to guide and elevate your troops’ fun experiences. Learn new program ideas or brush up on your first aid skills. Find a training class to power your next adventure!

Safety Activity Checkpoints

When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SACs) chapter that is written specifically for that particular activity. SACs are also where you will find important information that is relevant to all activities (i.e. communication with council and parents, first aid requirements, and checking weather etc.) Be sure to look for Master Progression charts, Activities at a Glance, and check for high-risk tier rankings.

Note: In addition to reading these checkpoints yourself, you can also e-mail to or print them for girls, co-volunteers and parents/guardians.

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials is a comprehensive reference guide that includes information about starting a troop, important safety reminders, and managing troop finances, and provides an overview of Girl Scouting!

Want to know what's new in the 2019-20 edition? View our handy What's New in Volunteer Essentials bullet points.

2019-20 Volunteer Essentials

    Chapter 1: Welcome to Girl Scouts
    Chapter 2: Troop Start Guide
    Chapter 3: Troop Management
    Chapter 4: Safety-Wise
    Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances
    Chapter 6: Trips, Camping, and Travel
    Chapter 7: Properties
    Chapter 8: Standards and Procedures
    Forms and Resources