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Experience the gift of Girl Scout camp

2022 Summer Camp

Girl Scout summer camp offers girls a safe space
to form friendships, discover more about themselves, lean into new opportunities, stretch the bounds of achievable goals, and tap into newfound levels of self-esteem.

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Contact us at or 213-213-0123.

Sold Out Sessions Waitlist
Contact us at to be added to our waitlist for sold out sessions. Please include the specific session(s) you're interested in, and we'll waitlist you accordingly.

COVID-19 Protocols: Keeping Your Girl Safe at Summer Camp

Where it all happens

There’s a GSGLA camp experience waiting for your girl—from stargazing and discovering wildlife to rock-wall climbing and canoeing. Whichever adventure she chooses, she will return home with a lifetime of memories—and more courage, confidence, and character than ever.

Lakota Overnight Camp
(Frazier Park)
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Discover Lakota Overnight Camp

Marine Landing Day Camp
(Long Beach)
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Dive into Marine Landing Day Camp

El Ranchito Day Camp
(Long Beach)
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Discover El Ranchito Day Camp

Mariposa Day Camp
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Discover Mariposa Day Camp

La Casita
Day Camp

(North Claremont)
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Discover La Casita Day Camp

Overnight Troop & Family Camping at Osito Rancho
(Big Bear Lake)
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Book a rental for troop or family overnight camping at Osito Rancho

Specialty Camp Experiences
(Catalina, Inglewood, Lakota, Montrose)
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Discover Specialty Camp Experiences

Glow, girl!

Something in her changes at camp—she is growing and gaining a sense of pride by facing fears, learning new skills, and making friends. She comes home with a spark in her. We call it the camp glow. What could be more magical than that?

There’s a camp experience waiting for every girl. Let's start her adventure today!

We're here to help!
Contact us at or 213-213-0123.