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Special Events & Money Earning (SEME) Training – Webinar

Wed Aug 22, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM PST
Adults and 9-12
Adult Training
Adults, Seniors, Ambassadors
Adult Fee:

Do you want to learn how to run events? Then take this Live Webinar to learn how to run an event for your troop, service unit, or area. Whether your intention is to earn money or you just like to do events, this class will teach you event planning, budgeting, and what forms are needed. New e-forms have been created for easy use and submission.  (Seniors and Ambassadors are also allowed to take this class, not just adults!) Take this class 6-8 weeks before you plan your first special events and/or money earning activity. This allows for planning progression with your troop and proper paperwork approval. This class is available as a self-study course. Visit GSGLA Training under “Special Events and Money Earning Director”.