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Indoor Overnight Training – Webinar

Tue Jun 12, 6:30 PM - Tue Jun 12, 9:30 PM
Adult Training
Adult Fee:

This is a Live Webinar where you learn the basics of what you need to know for overnight adventures indoors. This class is the first step in progression for outdoor camping and/or travel. Learn more about the forms you need for any kind of trip. Adventure awaits! Learn to do it safely and within your budget.

Take this class 6-8 weeks before you plan your first indoor overnight activity. This allows for planning progression with your troop and proper paperwork approval. This is the first class required in the overnight progression for an adult to take a group on an indoor overnight experience where girls sleep in an indoor structure, i.e. a cabin, community room, home…this includes slumber parties and where food is provided, purchased or the girls cook in a conventional kitchen. 

Prerequisites: In order to fulfill the requirement for your Indoor Overnight Training, complete these additional online courses on our training portal. If you don’t have an account already, you will need to create one.

Prerequisites for Indoor Overnight completion:

Visit the Be a Troop Volunteer section. Select “Troop Camper”  or “Troop Travel Advisor.”  Under Step 1: Indoor Overnight, select “Indoor Overnight” and complete these courses under the Prerequisites tab:

  • Safety-Wise (4 modules)
  • Stepping Out (1 module)
  • Troop Chaperone/Helper (1 module)
  • Troop Driver Safety (2 modules)

The following is NOT covered in this class and additional training is required after Indoor Overnight:

  1. Use of fires, fireplaces, outdoor cooking, BBQ, fire pits, hatchets, propane stoves and propane lanterns, sleeping in the backyard, tents, etc. Next step in training: Camping Skills
  2. Compartmentalized Overnights (hotels, hostels, time shares, other rentals, etc.) are considered travel activities. Next step in training: Domestic Troop Travel.
  3. Travel for 3 or more nights to any location (excluding a Federal Holiday) Next step in training: Domestic Troop Travel