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Gold Award Workshop

Thu Jun 14, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Santa Clarita Service Center
9 - 12
Leadership & Awards
Ambassadors, Seniors
Santa Clarita Valley
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:

Trainers will guide you through an interactive workshop that covers the requirements for a Gold-worthy project, selecting a project, and ensuring measurability and sustainability of your project. The workshop further covers the online Go Gold submittal process, the interview process, and tips for successful project execution. Girls attending the workshop should be within three months of completing their pre-requisites and should be planning to submit their Gold Award proposal within a year of taking the workshop. Leaders, advisors, and parents are encouraged to attend. 

It is highly recommended to retake this workshop if you have not yet submitted your proposal and took your workshop before Aug. 1, 2015.