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Destination: Innovation!

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Mon Jul 09, 9:00 AM - Fri Jul 13, 4:00 PM
Marine Landing
K - 8
Outdoors & Camp
Juniors, Cadettes, Brownies, Daisies
South Bay
Girl Fee:
$215 for K-3; $235 for 4-8

During this week, rules don’t apply to imagination! Every day will bring a new challenge for girls to use their right and left brains. How tall can you make a tower of newspaper? How creative is your miniature golf attraction? Can your Popsicle-stick sail boat hold the most pennies? When there are no rules, the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss our Ultimate Innovation Challenge on Friday to see if your group wins the Innovation Trophy! Girls entering fourth grade and above are invited to join us for an extended day at camp that includes dinner and a campfire program.