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Key Findings

New research finds that Girl Scouts shine above their peers. Drawing on data from Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts ages 5–18, the 2017 Girl Scout Impact Study presents seven key findings.

Findings in Action
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Proven Outcomes

Equipped with the Girl Scout advantage, girls: display positive values, seek challenges and learn from setbacks, develop a strong sense of self, identify and solve problems in the community, and form and maintain healthy relationships.

Outcome Examples
The Girl Scout Advantage

The Girl Scout Advantage

Nearly 43,000 girls in Greater Los Angeles will be the resilient, innovative leaders our world needs. Why? Because they have the Girl Scout advantage. GSGLA Board Chair Patricia A. Crider CEO Lise L. Luttgens explain...

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Apart From the Rest

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) is the largest girl-focused nonprofit in Southern California, empowering nearly 43,000 girls—including more than 13,000 from low-income and underserved communities (our fastest growing segment)—with the help of more than 24,000 adult members and volunteers. In terms of membership, we are the fifth largest Girl Scout council in the nation.



In 2017, GSGLA launched initiatives to proactively reach girls in underserved communities by both providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through community partners and providing new troops in these communities with Troop Start-Up assistance, which covers uniforms, badges, books, membership, and background check costs.


Our Vantage Points

We know every girl has the potential to lead with courage, confidence, and character—we just have to give her the experiences, connections, and spaces to make it happen. Thanks to community support, in 2017, our organization made strides in ensuring that more girls have access to the Girl Scout advantage in hands-on ways—whether it’s navigating a new ropes course or dreaming up what she’ll create at a new Girl Scout program center in her own backyard.

Our Vantage Points

· Secured Inglewood property, which will become a multi-use service/program center, serving as a support hub for 8,300 area Girl Scouts and opening a door (literally) to families who may not have considered Girl Scouts an option before.

· Camp Lakota (Frazier Park) three-year master plan developed and architectural design underway; pool refurbishment and high- and low-ropes course completed. Thank you, again, to the Don & Lorraine Freeberg Foundation and friends and family of Bill Mingus for making these features possible.

· Camp Osito Rancho (Big Bear) science center and cabins completed.

· With thanks to a dedicated team of local supporters and donors, outdoor features at La Casita Outdoor Program Center improved with archery range and high-ropes course; master plan initiated.

· Obtained Santa Clarita property, which will become a multi-use service/program center.

· Construction completed on the Upland property in December 2017. The new multi-use service/program center replaced the Montclair Service Center.


A Head Start

Girls are given a head start at a bright future when they become Girl Scouts—and Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles is committed to continuing this promise to all girls through programs that engage and inspire. Our council has created a strategic plan for 2018–20 to fearlessly leverage our mission and brave the challenges of the future. These bold initiatives require our 100+ years of pioneering tradition as well as the resources, partners, and champions that will help us forever change the leadership landscape for the better.  Read the full strategic plan. 


More About the Numbers:



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