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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

You’re making a world of difference, and we want to know how those differences can be uplifted in our programs and communities.

Register for an upcoming DEIA Listening tour, each appropriately facilitated for an audience of adults or older Girl Scouts:

Girl Scouts has always stood for making the world a better place, and our mission is founded in service, opportunity, and encouragement for every girl, everywhere. We will always inspire girls to create a more equitable, just world.

In our Movement, diversity is a hallmark of our membership; equity is at the heart of our foundation; inclusivity is a cornerstone of our culture; and access is at the forefront of the programming and opportunities we provide.

Still, we know that the work to make the world better is never done.

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles is committed to remaining a force of positive change locally and globally, and we recognize that empathetic leadership is at the core. We are ever-ready to do the work in ensuring that diversity, equity, inclusion, and access are paramount to our mission and an important part of our culture.

Our Girl Scout Family—members, volunteers, leadership, staff—make up an amazing tapestry of cultures, perspectives, identities, and beliefs. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ways to take action:

As a girl-led organization we support our Girl Scouts' passion and desire to make a difference within their own communities. See below a living lists of resources for Girl Scout advocates.

Ways to learn:

Resources to promote healthy discussions, debunk myths, help with healing, and ultimately result in uplifting our diverse Girl Scout family, our communities, and our nation.