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The Girl Scout Fall Product Program

The 2014 Girl Scout Fall Product Program runs from Oct. 3—Nov. 16.

Like the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the Fall Product Program helps girls gain critical business skills through the experience of selling nuts, snacks, and QSP magazine subscriptions/renewals. The program is also the best way for troops to jump-start their fundraising for the year. Proceeds are used to fund community service projects, field trips, summer camp activities, programs, special events, and more.

Learn more about the program benefits for girls and the benefits for troops. Remember: Girls don’t have to be in a troop to participate in this program! Independently registered Girl Scouts can still sell fall products and cookies during cookie season—and also earn money for individual activities!

Impacting Her Future: the "5 Skills for Girls"


GOAL SETTING: learning how to set goals individually and as a group, and creating a plan to reach them, develops cooperation, planning, and team-building skills that she can use in daily life.


Real life application: Setting a goal to reach a higher GPA in school.

DECISION MAKING: learning to make decisions, such as how the troop will use the money, and working as a group will help her to develop her critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


Real life application: Weighing the benefits of which college she wants to attend.


MONEY MANAGEMENT: handling money helps her gain practical life skills around financial literacy. Learning to budget and deciding how she will spend her money is a valuable life lesson.


Real life application: Saving her money for something she really wants versus spending it on frivolous things.


PEOPLE SKILLS: learning how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people allows your Girl Scout to develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills.


Real life application: Becoming captain of her soccer team because she excels at teamwork and communication.

BUSINESS ETHICS: practicing good business ethics like being honest and responsible reinforces the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout. 


Real life application: Being an active contributor to a group project instead of letting others do all the work. 

She'll Learn Philanthropy: Gift of Caring Program

The Gift of Caring Program is a council-wide community service project and an integral part of both the Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Program.

How it Works:

  • Customers can choose to make a monetary donation instead of, or in addition to, purchasing fall product.
  • The council uses the donation to send delicious fall product to our Gift of Caring nonprofit partners: L.A. Regional Foodbank, Operation Gratitude, or the USO.

Click here to learn more about the Gift of Caring Program and how you can participate.

Have a Great Start: Benefits for Troops

The GSGLA Fall Product Program is the perfect opportunity for troops to kick-off the Girl Scout year with a fun team-building activity that also generates essential funds to support troop activities. Also, new troops that have no resources in their treasury can quickly earn money to fund their needed uniforms, Journey Books, and Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.

Troops retain a full 25% of the purchase price of all Trophy Nut products and 20% of the purchase price of QSP Magazine sales. Plus, girls can earn patches and other fun rewards. Make sure your troop is participating in the fall product program!