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Help her get the most out of the Fall Product Program! Fun and educational activities and resources can be accessed through the links below:

Daisy/Brownie Activity Page

Junior/Cadette Activity Page

Senior/Ambassador Activity Page

Safety And Selling Tips

Additional games, activities and resources

5 Skills for Girls: Shaping Your Girl's Future

Brownie_PhoneEverything girls do in Girl Scouting is designed to help them grow into leaders of courage, confidence and character.

The 5 Skills that girls learn through the Girl Scout Fall Product Program are valuable life skills that she can apply to her everyday life.

What are the 5 Skills and why do they matter?


GOAL SETTING: Your Girl Scout will set sales goals when she participates in the Fall Product Program. Learning how to set a goal individually and as a group and then creating a plan to reach them helps her develop Cooperation and Team Building. Goal setting is a valuable skill that she can use every single day of her life and can apply to most everything she does.

DECISION MAKING: Helping to decide how her troop will spend their Fall Product money will require her to make decisions. Learning to make decisions and working as a group will help her to develop her Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills. Becoming a confident decision maker will always serve her well.


MONEY MANAGEMENT: Your Girl Scout takes Fall Product orders, handles customer’s money and gains valuable and Practical Life Skills around financial literacy. From deciding how to use troop Fall Product proceeds to deciding how much she can afford to spend on a car payment, learning to manage money is a necessary skill for everyone.

PEOPLE SKILLS: Your Girl Scout learns how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These experiences will allow your Girl Scout to develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills she can use throughout her life.


She can learn to ask a teacher for help or navigate the school cafeteria more easily. Girls can also use their people skills to learn to work well with others on school projects or as a part of a sports team.

BUSINESS ETHICS: Your Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step of the Fall Product sale. Her business ethics reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout. Because she is honest her friends, classmates and teachers count on her and think of her as trustworthy. Everyone likes knowing and working with someone that is honest and responsible.

Sound like anyone you know?
That’s your Girl Scout, using the 5 Skills she learned in the Girl Scout Fall Product Program. ALL GRADE LEVELS will learn and practice the 5 Skills for Girls.

Tips for Helping Your Girl Scout:Cadette_Presentation

  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Never do things for her that she can do for herself
  • Talk to her about what she learned each day
  • Have fun with her