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Troop Deadlines

Aug. 15–Sept. 26

Troop fall product chairs (TFPC) attend their service unit’s training.

Sept. 28

ACH Debit Authorization form, voided troop check, and Troop Fall Product Chair Position Description & Agreement due to service unit fall product chair (SUFPC).

Sept. 28–Oct. 1

Troops receive access to TNOS/eNuts+. TFPCs visit this page to view/print TNOS/eNuts+ guide. Troops should verify their access to TNOS/eNuts+ immediately.

Oct. 2

Order taking begins for nuts and magazines.

Oct. 16

Nut orders due to troop. Parents enter orders in TNOS/eNuts+ and turn in the order card to the TFPC. Due no later than 9 p.m. on October 16

Oct. 17–18

Deadline for TFPC to review/enter nut order quantities in TNOS/eNuts+. Due no later than 9 p.m. on Oct. 18.

Oct. 30–Nov. 1

Trophy Nut order delivery to service units and distribution to troops (Dates/locations vary).

Nov. 2–8

Sales via Walk-abouts & Lemonade Stands

Nov. 8

Fall product program ends. 

Nov. 9

Parents receive QSP Girl's Online Sales Report via email.

Nov. 13

Final deadline to enter allocations and troop-to-troop transfers. Due into TNOS/eNuts+ no later than 9 p.m. Submit QSP Girl's Online Sales Report to SUFPC. (Note: Troop-to-troop transfers are completed by your SUFPC. Plan accordingly!)

Nov. 16

Last day to deposit nut monies into troop account.

Nov. 20

ACH Debit on troop bank accounts. Due date for troops to turn in Discrepancy Reports to product sales manager.