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E-Nuts+: Expand your Customer Base!

The E-Nuts+ program is designed as another way for Girl Scouts to reach out to family and friends. Customers place their order online, then have the option of delivery by a Girl Scout or the convenience of paying a shipping/handling fee, for the selected products to be shipped to their designated mailing addresses (within the US only).

New Girl Storefront & Avatar Feature: For 2014, E-Nuts+ will incorporate a new feature where girls can create an avatar, set up a virtual “shop,” and send emails to take orders from family!  

How E-Nuts+ works: Parents/guardians will receive a link from their troop fall product chair to create an account for their Girl Scout, including her storefront and avatar. Once the account is created, emails are sent inviting family and friends to go, via a secured link, to the Trophy Nut private E-Nuts+ site to order fall products, along with additional holiday and gift items. Troops will receive all proceeds and recognitions associated with the purchase. Girls will be notified of each purchase and given the opportunity to send a thank you message.

*Note: Girls must be registered Girl Scouts in eBiz first so that the troop and girls will be linked to E-Nuts+ for parents/guardians to complete the account set up process. When registering, if a parent does not find their troop or their daughter, they should follow the prompts to add her to the system.