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For questions or assistance during the cookie program:

  • Parents or guardians should contact their troop cookie program chair.
  • Troop cookie program chairs should contact their service unit cookie program chair.
  • Service unit cookie program chairs should contact their staff product sales manager.

For general inquiries, you may call GSGLA Customer Care at 213-213-0123, or ask a question on the GSGLA Cookie & Nut Friends Facebook page.

GSGLA Product Sales Managers:

Arcadia Service Center

Tamar Igoyan

(626) 677-2233 (direct)

Palmdale Service Center

Cheri Holland

(661) 723-1230 Ext. 2362

Long Beach Service Center

Erlinda Frederick

(310) 450-3720 Ext.2250

Marina Service Center

Erlinda Frederick

(310) 450-3720 Ext.2250

Alisa Abrenica

(818) 886-1801 Ext.2330

Montclair Service Center

Stephanie Sollow

(909) 399-0808 Ext.2356

Santa Clarita Service Center

Cheri Holland

(661) 287-1985 Ext.2362

Woodland Hills Service Center

Alisa Abrenica

(818) 886-1801 Ext.2330


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