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Earn Our Rainy Cookie Season Patch


This cookie season, girls and volunteers can earn our second annual patch for boothing, doing a walkabout, volunteering at a cupboard, or hosting a lemonade stand in the rain.
  • For girls and volunteers in troops, the troop cookie chair or troop leader must request their patches.
  • For non-troop girls (Juliettes), a parent or guardian must request their patch.
  • For adult cupboard volunteers, the volunteer can request their own patch or request it through their troop cookie chair.

Use this e-form to report your rainy day "work day" and request your patch.

One patch per person per season, on your honor please.

Patches will be distributed with all cookie season rewards.

We Need Cookie Cupboard Volunteers!

Sign up for cookie cupboard shifts (Feb. 2–March 12)

Cookie Cupboard Information

Samoa Cupboard Calendar

Samoa Consignment Guidelines and Agreement

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Cookie Boothing (Feb. 10 - Mar. 12)

Cookie Booth

Boothing Procedures and Guidelines

Find Boothing-Related Forms

What To Do at a Booth Video

What Not To Do at a Booth Video 

Corporate Boothing Opportunities

Download the Corporate Boothing Application (PDF) - Corporate Boothing Application (fillable PDF) 

Booth Sale Recorder App Program

Participate in the Booth Sale Recorder App Program! This free smart phone app works with eBudde to record the number of cookies sold at booths and keeps track of who sold them! 

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