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FP 15-16 Patch

Each year parents, grandparents, troop leaders, volunteers, and friends come together to support GIRLS!

We call this Family Partnership.

Family Partnership Funds help:

  • Off-set costs of programs for girls
  • Create more unique program and events for girls in multiple geographic locations
  • Recruit and train volunteers to expand troops and events for girls
  • Maintain properties and camps for girl activities
  • Provide financial assistance to girls in need

Your investment in Family Partnership is your investment in the GIRLS!

What your gift can do:

  • $25 – Can teach 1 girl about art and animation
  • $50 – Can provide a financial literacy workshop for 5 girls
  • $100 – Can grant 14 girls with a workshop and materials on bullying and conflict management.
  • $250 – Can engage 12 girls with the opportunity to build and launch rockets
  • $500 – Can send 1 girl to overnight camp
  • $1,000 –  Can provide a year of Girl Scouts membership for 66 girls in low-income neighborhoods

As a token of our gratitude, for a gift of $25 or more, you will receive a 2016-2017 Family Partnership patch.

To make a gift to Family Partnership, please click on the button below, or complete and mail this formFor questions, please contact Donna Baharouzi at 626-677-2314 or via email

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