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Adult Recognition Award Program

GSGLA volunteers are the heartbeat and the core of our organization. Quite literally, Girl Scouting would not exist without the dedication and talents of our volunteers. We couldn’t serve the girls without you, and the untold hours of time that you give define our excellence as a council. In Girl Scouting, we want to recognize and celebrate our volunteers and their service.

GSGLA holds a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony each spring to honor our outstanding volunteers. Volunteers are nominated for prestigious Girl Scout awards and recognitions. For questions regarding nominations or the event, contact

AMVR 2013

2016 GSGLA Adult Recognition

(for services performed during the 2014-15 Membership Year)

For descriptions of each council level award, download the GSGLA Council Level Awards Handbook.

For descriptions of each service unit level award, download the GSGLA Service Unit Level Awards Handbook.

Adult Recognitions eLearning course is now available on the eLearning website. Access the course for information on each of the awards, whether Council level or Service Unit level! Click here to take the course now!


      Recognize Volunteers Throughout the Year      

SU522 La Brea Heights

Kendra King


Kendra King the fearless leader of Multi-level Troop 10195. She is awesome! Not only do her girls and parents love her, so do the other leaders in our service unit. Kendra keeps her girls on the go and empowered! If you every want to know what to do with your troop, "just ask" Kendra! She has been a great help to our service unit with programming for the girls, and mentoring new leaders. Thank you, super leader!

SU513 Northeast Hills/East LA

Chrystal Gyger

Chrystal Gyger

Chrystal started as a scout mom three years ago and has quickly become one of the most important parts of our troop management. She is going into her second year as cookie chair with twice as many girls this year and three times as many super sellers. She is our troop treasurer and gets everything correct and filed on time. Most of all, she radiates beautiful energy to all our scouts and enjoys every minute she spends on out troop activities. She has made our troop better than I could have ever imagined, not just for the girls, but also for the leaders!

SU605 Rancho Calabasas

Kristi Gaglio


Kristi is in her second year as our service unit cookie chair. What makes Kristi so amazing, despite having three kids under 12, is that she is not a leader. She's a mom of a Girl Scout who realized a need and fulfilled it. She is tireless, immensely patient, and a real asset to our service unit. We have a lot of dedicated leaders on our service unit team. It is a privilege to have dedicated parents on our team as well.

SU605 Rancho Calabasas

Alisa Allen

Thank you

Alisa has been a dedicated Girl Scout volunteer for a very long time. Despite no longer having a daughter in Girl Scouts, she has continued to be our service unit treasurer, and until recently, was both our fall product chair and our cookie chair. It is so amazing to have the support of amazing women such as Alisa who give of themselves so freely, with absolutely no benefit to themselves. We truly appreciate Alisa for all her talents, time, and amazing volunteer spirit.

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