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Steps to become a Volunteer

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Girl Scout volunteer. Our volunteers are what make Girl Scouting possible! As a volunteer, you will play an important role in the lives of girls and help build young leaders.

Please follow the process below, if you would like to become a troop leader/co-leader click here for that information.

To help you get started, follow these steps to become a Girl Scout Volunteer.

Step 1: Attend a Welcome Session with a Membership or Program Specialist. Click here for the service center that serves your area. You will receive help with creating an eBiz account and registering as a Girl Scout member.

Step 2: Complete Volunteer Application

            You will need to provide two references

Step 3: Complete the Background Check- a unique link will automatically be emailed to you upon completion of the Volunteer Application. While waiting for your background screening clearance, please continue with your steps to becoming a volunteer.

Step 4: View the Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events online video, the password is:volunteer

Step 5: Complete position specific training as required, you will receive this from the Specialist you are working with.

Step 6: After you have completed all of the steps to become a volunteer you will receive a clearance letter. You may now continue to work with the Membership or Program Specialist.