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What is a Go Team?

Go Teams are volunteer-led teams dedicated to a specific topic that research best practices and implement new procedures council-wide to help improve the adult volunteer experience. Go Teams meet virtually and bring experience and ideas from all regions of the council.

Click the image below to watch a fun cartoon about Go Teams!


Interested in a Go Team but not sure if it's for you? Check out an open house by clicking on the links below. 


Enable GSGLA to successfully include all girls regardless of abilities



Adult Educator Support

Overall recruiting, training, and support of all council adult educators



Adult Recognition

Awards and other recognitions of volunteer work




Build GSGLA alumnae network



Investigate communication within the council and make suggestions for improvement

Watch the open house webinar recording



Edit class curriculum for all courses taught, for consistent, correct, and current information


Dispute Resolution

Developing and providing dispute resolution options to support volunteers



Family Partnership Champions

Support all aspects of the Family Partnership Campaign



Supporting volunteers in all finance-related areas



Girl Awards

Council-wide support of the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards

Health and Safety

Facilitation of American Red Cross courses and advocating health and safety guidelines for troops and events.



Outdoor Program

Educate troop leaders and troops in minimum-impact outdoor skills and safety using direct training and program.

Watch the open house webinar recording

Product Sales (Cookie Program)

Reviewing current product programs




Developing and supporting staff and volunteers in recruiting girls and adults



SEME (Special Events and

Troop Money Earning)

Evaluating special event and troop money earning applications




Develop curriculum and/or facilitate a series of workshops on various topics to new Girl Scouts at various schools and community partners.



Service Unit Support

Support the Service Unit Manager and Service Unit Team

Must be a past or current Service Unit Manager




Evaluating travel applications and other related information



Troop Support

Support Troop Leaders needs




  • Do you have a good idea or a question for a Go Team?
  • Do you want to know more about a Go Team?


  • Do you want to participate on a Go Team?
    • Fill out and submit a Go Team Interest Form.
      • Interview with your potential Go Team Lead.
      • Make a commitment and sign the Team Agreement specific to your Go Team.


Go Team Accomplishments 2015

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