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Customer Care FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions the GSGLA customer care team receives via phone and email. Other notable FAQs on the GSGLA website include the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

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Where can I get information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program? Click here for the Cookie Program web page.
I am unable to be a leader but I want to get my daughter into a troop.

Here is the link to our interest form. Please complete it with your information and submit it so that we can better serve you. You will be contacted by our staff. 


Are you waiting for a troop?

Don't let the wait stop you from a great Girl Scout year! Join the Juliette Virtual Program today. Registering as a Juliette does not guarantee that a troop will become available for your child, but it provides a way for you and your daughter to participate in Girl Scouts. See below for more information.

What's a Juliette?

A Juliette is a registered Girl Scout who does not participate in the Girl Scout program through a troop. Instead, she participates in the Girl Scout program independently. Juliettes may participate in GSGLA's fall product and cookie programs, attend GSGLA events, earn badges, and complete Journeys independently with a caregiver, parent, or family member. 


The Juliette virtual program includes:

  • The opportunity to participate in upcoming fall product and cookie programs.
  • A free subscription to our new level-specific Juliette newsletter, which includes:
    • GSGLA updates
    • List of upcoming events
    • Level-specific news
    • At-home activities
    • And more!
Access to GSGLA-sponsored events.

Where can girls get the Gold Award application?

For more information about the Gold Award, go to our website page.

What is an Emerging Leader and how can I apply?

Emerging Leaders are Girl Scouts in grades 10-12 (as of fall) who exemplify leadership, courage, confidence, and character. Girls selected will attend leadership orientation(s) and the annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon in November each year.


The luncheon will welcome nearly 1,000 female business and community leaders. Plus, the event will feature minute-mentoring sessions and a phenomenal program.


Girls will have exclusive opportunities to engage in additional leadership-building activities throughout the year as Emerging Leaders.


Please check our website for more information on Emerging Leaders or contact:




When does the membership year begin and end? The Girl Scout membership year begins Oct. 1 and ends Sept. 30. 
How can I get help with online membership registration/renewal? Call our Customer Care helpline for online assistance: 213-213-0123.
Email customer care at:
Is there financial assistance available for membership registration? Please review this page for more information about Financial Assistance.

What is eBiz and how do I create an eBiz account?

EBiz is an online membership portal used to manage your family account, purchase membership, and register for programs, events, camp, and volunteer training.  Here are two tutorials to get you started:

How to Create an eBiz Account

How to Add a Child to an Adult Account

How do I purchase my adult membership?

Tutorial:  How to Purchase Your Adult Membership

How do I purchase my Girl Scout’s membership?

Tutorial: How to Purchase Your Girl Scout's Membership

When a parent registers her daughter, how can she specify to which troop she belongs?

When parents are registering a girl, please be sure to do the following so that the girl appears on her troop roster:


After logging into eBiz to purchase membership, the parent will be asked to update personal information. In order to show on their troop roster, please do the following:

  • In the “Get Involved” screen, under “How will you be participating”, choose “TROOP”.
  • Enter in the troop number when it asks “I would like to be a part of Troop ____”.
After you have entered the troop number, click on “search” and then click on the appropriate troop that is displayed to choose it.

What is the best way for a troop leader to renew registration for the whole troop through eBiz troop management?

Please review these tips:

View the Tips for Leaders Renewing Their Troop's Membership

Where do the Family Partnerships donations go?

Please click on Family Partnership for information.

Troop Leaders

What are the steps to becoming a troop leader?

Please contact the Customer Care helpline at 213-213-0123 and provide the following information:

  • Each troop requires at least two non-related adults to become troop leader (also known as an 01) and a co-leader (also known as an 02). Please be ready to provide the name, address, phone number, and email address of the 01 and names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the 02s. Please note that there can only be one 01. 
  • The school and zip code where the troop will be located
  • The troop level (grade level)
Once completed, you will receive an email with next steps to becoming a leader.  Once you and your co-leaders have completed the steps, you will receive a welcome email and volunteer completion notification.

How do I view the online council orientation?

The module is available on our online training site. Click on any grade level leader section under the Be A Troop Leader heading. New users will need to create an account for the online training site.

How to I find trainings and resources for leaders and other volunteers?

Please set up an account on our GSGLA training website: Online training is now available based on your volunteer role. You can select from the training categories that fit your needs—Daisy troop leader, troop treasurer, service unit manager, etc. You’ll find links to online learning, resources, and more. You can learn about Girl Scouting at every level, at home or on the go!


We still offer face-to-face classes, as well as live and recorded webinars to enhance and supplement our online learning. First Aid & CPR/AED classes, Camping Skills, and Indoor & Camping Skills Overnight classes are still hands-on and offered throughout the year in many of our training locations.

How do I manage my troop in eBiz?

Here is a tutorial: How to Navigate eBiz as a New Leader


What are the key dates for the Cookie Program for 2017? Please click on this calendar for important Cookie dates.

What is Volunteer Essentials?



Volunteer Essentials is a reference guide to use as needed. It includes information about starting a troop, important safety reminders, and managing troop finances, and provides an overview of Girl Scouting!

How do I find a form needed for my troop (permission form, health history, product permission form, etc)? On the GSGLA website home page,, enter a keyword in the Document Search box located towards the bottom of the page and click go. If multiple forms pull up, look for the one that matches best and is the most current year.

How do we know what is needed to safely participate in various activities? 






Safety Activity Checkpoints go hand in hand with Volunteer Essentials. The checkpoints help you ensure the safety of your girls as you do activities throughout your Girl Scout adventure. 


The checkpoints are formatted as checklists, so that you, your co-volunteers, and the girls can go through and check off that each step has been followed. Examples of checkpoints include kayaking, playgrounds, and theme parks.


You can download the full version which includes all activities, below:

Safety Activity Checkpoints


Requisitos de Seguridad para las Actividades - Safety Activity Checkpoints (Spanish version)
I’ve heard about an app for collecting troop fees from my parents. What is it?

Now you can make collecting Girl Scout fees easy with the help of Cheddar Up. Cheddar Up simplifies collecting money from groups and is helping Girl Scout troop leaders across the country. Here are some of the perks that make it a great tool for you:

  • No fees for the collector—use it for FREE!
  • One-click pay for families—no more checks or forms!
  • Families can pay WITHOUT having an account
  • Automatic online tracking and reminders
  • Withdraw funds directly to your troop bank account
  • NO MORE hounding parents or awkward reminders!

Get started from scratch or start with a special Girl Scout template. Learn more at an upcoming webinar.


Register now.

How do I get information about the new outdoor badges?

Here is the link to access the requirements for the new outdoor badges for girls.

  • Brownies - Outdoor Adventurer
  • Juniors - Horseback Riding
  • Cadettes - Archery
  • Seniors - Paddling
  • Ambassadors - Ultimate Recreation Challenge
Note: The PDFs are downloadable; keep in mind copyright laws.
What form do I submit if our troop is changing our troop bank account or signers for our account?

Please submit a Bank Letter Request so that your request can be processed.


I am a leader who needs to transfer girls to another troop or service unit. Where do I go to do that?

Please submit a Troop Change Form for these changes.  The form is located on our website: Click on the eBiz tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the link. You may also call the Customer Care helpline, 213-213-0123.

Where can I find out about community service opportunities for my troop?

Go to the GSGLA Pixie List and review the section called Volunteer Opportunities. You can also sign up to be an SOS (Sudden Opportunity of Service) Troop, and you will be notified sporadically via email when last-minute service opportunities are available to Girl Scouts.

How do I let other troops know about materials/supplies I have to share or am in need of?

Go to the GSGLA Pixie List and post your needs to other Girl Scout members under “Materials Available” or “Materials Wanted.”

Can troop leaders get a discount on printing at Office Depot?

Office Supply Discount Program

EMTA Enterprises has partnered with Office Depot to provide a national discount program, and is making this sponsored discount program available to Girl Scouts. Receive savings of up to 80% on office and school supplies from Office Depot. Shop online or go to the nearest Office Depot location to take advantage of these special discounted prices on products and services. All online orders are delivered next day with free shipping on orders over $50.

Accessing the discount is easy. Go to and click the SHOP ONLINE to receive your savings online, or click on PRINT FREE CARD to print the discount card for use at Office Depot locations. This program is 100% free to all Girl Scouts! Just shop and save! 


How do I get help with my year-end financials?

Please review Everything You Wanted to Know About Financials.


Additionally, the troop treasurer should view the training webinar on our online training site: click on Troop Volunteers, Troop Treasurer to view the treasurer training module. All volunteers handling troop funds must view this webinar. When completed, you will receive a confirmation. Please forward this to your troop consultant.


Each troop, group, and service unit must submit a Year End Financial report due on June 15.

What are the links for the troop financial forms and webinar?

Troop Treasurer Webinar: Go to the online training site, click on Troop Volunteers, Troop Treasurer to view the troop treasurer module. You may need to sign up for an account if you don't already have one. 


Financial Ledger (use tab for Account 1 or 2, which auto-populates the Annual Finance Report tab)


Finance Report (Use tab for annual report)


Finance Report Submittal E-Form

Do new troops have to submit a troop finance report even if we don't have a bank account yet or have not had to use the bank account yet?

Yes, all troops need to submit a troop finance report. Please refer to Everything You Want to Know About Troop Financials.

What if I have questions about our troop financial report?

Please review the resources listed above, including the training modules found on our online training site. Unanswered questions should be directed to your service unit manager or service unit treasurer.


How do troops get information about sales/proceeds for product sales needed for financial reports? Service units will not have access to eBudde until late November (earliest) and troops not until December. Troops who call because they need their sales/proceeds info for their finance reports should first check with their service unit cookie chair.
We received a notice that our troop had not submitted their troop financial report, but we did submit it. Please send an email to with your troop number, service unit number, and an explanation as to the error.
Our troop is disbanding, what do we need to do?

Please review the Managing  Group Finances Chapter in 2015-2016 Volunteer Essentials.  A Troop Group Disband Notice Form must be submitted.



My leader asked me to volunteer to help with our troop. How do I submit a volunteer application?

To get started, fill out the volunteer application at this link: You will need to provide two references. Once submitted, a link to the background screening will be emailed to you.


Complete a background screening online with our outside screening company, Asurint.  


We require volunteers to complete both a new volunteer application and background screening every 3 years.


I am having problems accessing the background screening information on my tablet/mobile device.  

Asurint, our background screening company, is continually working to provide system enhancements in order to improve the user experience. At this time, Asurint supports system functionality on both Windows and OS X Mac with the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer - 8 and above
  • Safari - 6.1.6 and above
  • Chrome – most updated, current version
  • Firefox – most updated, current version

Previous versions may function properly, however are not supported if issues occur. Tablets and mobile devices are currently supported but can be sensitive based on the types of updates available. Although the capability is there, it is always best to use a PC. 


Please contact Asurint at 1-800-906-1674 for additional assistance. They are available 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.


Another option: You may visit any of our service centers and ask to use a computer to submit your background screening. For locations of our service centers, please click here:
I am having a problem submitting my payment information for the background screening. 

Please contact GSGLA Customer Care at 213-213-0123.

Do you have online training for volunteers?

Yes, set up an account on our GSGLA training website: Online training is now available based on your volunteer role. You can select from the training categories that fit your needs—Daisy troop leader, troop treasurer, service unit manager, etc. You’ll find links to online learning, resources, and more. You can learn about Girl Scouting at every level, at home or on the go!


We still offer face-to-face classes, as well as live and recorded webinars to enhance and supplement our online learning. First Aid & CPR/AED classes, Camping Skills, and Indoor & Camping Skills Overnight classes are still hands-on and offered throughout the year in many of our training locations. 


How do I subscribe to GSGLA volunteer newsletters?

Please click on this link.