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Resources & Tools

Below are links to resources for leaders and volunteers. You can also search on Forms & Publications or look for frequently used forms on Featured Forms.

Quick Links:

  Communication General Information | Outdoor Program 

Recruitment ToolsSafety | Special Events | Troop/Group Leaders

GSGLA Online Training

General Information

GSGLA Calendar

GSGLA Glossary 

Forms Library

GSGLA Policies 

Blue Book

Resource website for Volunteers: This website was created as part of a Gold Award project. It includes videos of simple projects as well as listings of volunteer opportunities in the County of Los Angeles, divided into Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.
Resource Website

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Website/Social Media

Troop/Group Website Guidelines

Sample Shutterfly Site - Service Unit 

Sample Shutterfly Site - Troop

The following two forms can be used by the SU communication coordinator and/or website/social media facilitators to request information from their SU for posting on the SU website, social media, etc.

Service Unit Request to Post Form - Fillable Word Doc

Service Unit Request to Post Form - Print Version

How-to's of Online Communication - Resources for getting started with Twitter, Facebook, and Shutterfly

Web-Based Communication Tools - a chart of free and low-cost communication tools found online (to use for project management, mass emails, surveys, and more)

(Event flier design cheat sheet, which includes logo and trademark usage, and templates is under Special Events/Money Earning)

Public Relations

Important: The following templates and tools can be used to publicize service unit news to local media by all SU communication coordinators and/or publicity facilitators who have completed the required GSGLA Publicity Training. All volunteers must send drafts of press releases to for approval before sending to local media.

Press Release Template

Media Alert Template

Media Contacts Excel Table

GSGLA Editorial Style in a Pinch

GSGLA Fact Sheet

Photo Consent Form - Minors

Photo Consent Form - Adults

Gold Award 2016 - Press Release Template (for communities/service units)

Gold Awardees by City

Outdoor Program

Day & Overnight Outings

Places to Go in Southern CA (Excel)

Indoor Cooking

No cook recipes

Heat and eat recipes

One Pot Recipes

Outdoor Cooking

Foil Pack, Ember Cooking Recipes

Griddle, Skillet, Buddy Burner Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes

Outdoor Topics

Progression in the Outdoors Activity

Safety Water Counter Craft Activity

Basic 8 Camping Skills Patch Program

Overnight Forms

Adult Volunteer Behavior Agreement

Behavior Agreement for the Girls

Sleeping Arrangements Form

Extended Travel/High Risk Application eForm

Overnight Planning

Detailed Overnight Trip Budget

Meal Kapers

Meal Planning Checklist

Meal Planning Worksheet

Overnight Camp Clock

Overnight Itinerary

Simple Overnight Trip Budget

Troop’s Own Planning Checklist for Overnights

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Recruitment Tools

Latest membership campaign: S'more the Merrier (ends 6/30)

Click for more info

Troop Leader Recruitment Brochure - use 8.5"x11" paper

Troop Leader Recruitment Brochure

Older Girl Recruitment Brochure - use 8.5"x11" paper

Older Girl Recruitment Brochure

Early Bird 2015-16 Brochure - use 8.5"x11" paper

Older Girl Recruitment Brochure

Flier Templates - use 8.5"x11" paper

Daisy Flier Templates

General Flier Templates  |   General Flier Templates Spanish  |  General Flier Templates Chinese

Poster Templates - use 11"x17" paper

Daisy Poster Templates

General Poster Templates  |  General Flier Templates Spanish  |  General Flier Templates Chinese

Poster Templates - use 8.5"x14" paper

Daisy Poster Templates

General Poster Templates  |  General Flier Templates Spanish  |  General Flier Templates Chinese

Giveaways (stickers, bookmarks, bracelets)

Bookmarks, stickers, bracelets

Peer-to-Peer "Join My Troop" Invites

"Visit my Troop" quarter-page Invites  |  "Visit my Troop" quarter-page Invites Spanish 

Recruitment Interest Card

Adult and Girl Interest Card  | Adult and Girl Interest Card Spanish

Volunteer Business Card

Volunteer business card

Volunteer Invite a Friend

Invite an existing volunteer | Invite a new volunteer

Membership Renewal Video

Link to video

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Special Events & Money Earning

Event Forms

Special Events & Money Earning e-Form

Event Change Request e-Form

Final Report e-Form

Special Events & Money Earning e-Form (Sample)

Special Events FAQ


Special Events & Money Earning Manual

Event Budget Tracking Tool (Excel)

Event Flier Checklist

Design Cheat Sheet for Volunteers (AKA event flier guidelines, proper logo/trademark usage, and tips)

Event Flier Template for Word (for flier design ideas, view Design Cheat Sheet)

Event Flier Template for Publisher (for flier design ideas, view Design Cheat Sheet)

Girl Scout Graphics Library

Girl Scout Stock Photos Library

Stepping Out Budget Simple Day Trip Short Outing

Meeting Plan Template

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Staying safe

Accident/Incident Report

Seat Belt Safety

Internet Safety Pledge (GSUSA)

Safety Activity Checkpoints

How to file a Claim

Click here to access the claim form

Requisitos de Seguridad para las Actividades - Safety Activity Checkpoints (Spanish version)

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Troop/Group Leaders


Finance Report Submittal eForm

Add On/Correction/Extension Finance Report Submittal eFormUse this link if you forgot to submit something in your original electronic submission, would like to submit a corrected item, or if you would like to request an extension.

Finance Report/Ledger (Excel)

Troop Treasurer Position Description

Troop Treasurer Webinar

Troop Treasurer Webinar is now available on our GSGLA Online Training Site. Click on Online Course above to access the Council Orientation page and complete this course. If this is your first time accessing the site, you will need to create a username and password.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Troop Financials

Budgeting Brilliantly

Troop Finance Workbook

Troop Budgeting Worksheet (Excel)

Troop Travel Budgeting (Excel)

Deposit Record Form (Excel)

Debit-Cash Receipt Form (Excel)

Troop Dues Record Form (Excel)

Payment Request Form (Excel)


Discover Your Journey Guide

Journey Taster Activites:

Daisy Journey Taster

Brownie Journey Taster

Junior Journey Taster

Cadette Journey Taster

Senior Journey Taster

Ambassador Journey Taster

Journey Snapshots:

Daisy Snapshots              

Flower Garden

Between Earth and Sky

3 Cheers for Animals!


Brownie Snapshots         

Brownie Quest

WOW! Wonders of Water

A World of Girls


Junior Snapshots            

Agent of Change

Get Moving!



Cadette Snapshots





Senior Snapshots


Sow What?

Mission: Sisterhood!


Ambassador Snapshots

Your Voice, Your World


BLISS: Live It! Give It!



New Leader Handbook

Family Partnership Information Sheet

Daisy First Six Meetings

Brownie First Six Meetings

Junior First Six Meetings

Cadette First Six Meetings

Senior First Six Meetings

Ambassador First Six Meetings

Patrol Handbook

What I need for my girls to attend a...

Sample Agenda for Girl Scout Parent/Guardian Meeting

Troop Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Online Training Conversation

How to Register Myself & My Girl Scout

GSGLA Daisy Award Records

GSGLA Brownie Award Records

GSGLA Junior Award Records

GSGLA Cadette Award Records

GSGLA Senior Award Records

GSGLA Ambassador Award Records

Parent/Caregiver Sign In Sheet

First Aid

First Aid Kit Checklist

Adult Emergency Information and Authorization to Treat

GSGLA First-Aider & Emergency Plan-For Troop Activities & Small Events

Extended Travel: Health Exam Form

Health History and Automobile Form

Over the Counter (OTC) Form

Provided Prescription OTC Medication Form

Emergency After-Hours Calls Card

Troop Medical Log

Troop Member Forms

Additional Insurance Request Form

Parent Permission Form: Word | PDF 

Troop Driver Form

Volunteer Driver Log

Parent Permission for Sensitive Issues

Great Start Kit Worksheet

Parent Volunteer Survey

Volunteer Resource Pack Order Form


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