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Resources & Tools

Below are links to resources for leaders and volunteers. You can also search on Forms & Publications or look for frequently used forms on Featured Forms.

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  Communication |General Information | Outdoor Program 

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General Information

GSGLA Calendar

GSGLA Glossary 

Forms Library

GSGLA Policies 

Resource website for Volunteers: This website was created as part of a Gold Award project. It includes videos of simple projects as well as listings of volunteer opportunities in the County of Los Angeles, divided into Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.
Resource Website

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Troop/Group Website Guidelines

The following two forms can be used by the SU communication coordinator and/or website/social media facilitators to request information from their SU for posting on the SU website, social media, etc.

Service Unit Request to Post Form - Fillable Word Doc

Service Unit Request to Post Form - Print Version

(Event flier design cheat sheet and templates are under Special Events/Money Earning)

Outdoor Program

Day & Overnight Outings

Places to Go in Southern CA (Excel)

Indoor Cooking

No cook recipes

Heat and eat recipes

One Pot Recipes

Outdoor Cooking

 Foil Pack, Ember Cooking Recipes

Griddle, Skillet, Buddy Burner Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes

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Recruitment Tools

Flier Templates - use 8.5"x11" paper

Daisy Flier Templates

General Flier Templates  |   General Flier Templates Spanish

Poster Templates - use 11"x17" paper

Daisy Poster Templates

General Poster Templates  |  General Flier Templates Spanish

Poster Templates - use 8.5"x14" paper

Daisy Poster Templates

General Poster Templates  |  General Flier Templates Spanish

Giveaways (stickers, bookmarks, bracelets)

Bookmarks, stickers, bracelets

Peer-to-Peer "Join My Troop" Invites

"Join my Troop" quarter-page Invites

Recruitment Interest Card

Adult and Girl Interest Card  | Adult and Girl Interest Card Spanish

Membership Renewal Video

Link to video

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Special Events & Money Earning

Event Forms

Special Events & Money Earning e-Form

Event Change Request e-Form

Final Report e-Form

Special Events & Money Earning e-Form (Sample)


Special Events & Money Earning Manual

Event Budget Tracking Tool (Excel)

Event Flier Checklist

Design Cheat Sheet for Volunteers (AKA event flier guidelines and tips)

Event Flier Template for Word (for flier design ideas, view Design Cheat Sheet)

Event Flier Template for Publisher (for flier design ideas, view Design Cheat Sheet)

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Staying safe

Internet Safety Pledge (GSUSA)

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Requisitos de Seguridad para las Actividades - Safety Activity Checkpoints (Spanish version)

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Troop/Group Leaders


Budgeting Brilliantly

Troop Budgeting Worksheet (Excel)

Troop Travel Budgeting (Excel)


Daisy: Flower Garden / Between Earth and Sky / 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!

Brownie: Brownie Quest / WOW! Wonders of Water / A World of Girls

Junior: Agent of Change / Get Moving! / aMUSE

Cadette: aMAZE / Breathe / MEdia

Senior: GIRLtopia / Sow What? / Mission: Sisterhood!

Ambassador: Your Voice, Your World / Justice / BLISS: Live It! Give It!


Family Partnership Information Sheet

First 4 Brownie Meetings

Patrol Handbook

What I need for my girls to attend a...

Troop Member Forms

Additional Insurance Request Form

Extended Travel: Health Exam Form

Health History and Automobile Form

Over the Counter (OTC) Form

Parent Permission Form

Parent Permission for Sensitive Issues

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