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Robots and More!

The Robots and More! program provides teams of girls the opportunity to participate in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) robotics competition.

2013 Robots and More! Teams
2013 Robots and More! teams 

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What is FLL?

Organized by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), FLL is a global program created to get kids excited about science and technology. FLL utilizes theme-based challenges to engage kids in research, problem solving, and engineering. The program emphasizes contributions of others, friendly sportsmanship, learning, and community involvement. The Girl Scouts of the USA has formed a partnership with FIRST with the goals of encouraging more girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers and gender equity in our global society.

Each FLL challenge involves two areas: the robotics areas focuses on a team’s ability to design, build and program a robot that accomplish specific missions; and the research project area focuses on a team’s ability to research a real-life problem and create a unique solution for it. More information about FLL is available at  

Who can participate?

Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts (9 to 14 years of age as of January 1, 2014) are eligible. Troops, individual Girl Scouts, and friends not currently Girl Scouts are encouraged to apply (girls must register as Girl Scouts to participate).

What is the time commitment?

Robots and More! is a time intensive, yet very rewarding program! The FLL season runs from the beginning of September through December. Each team determines their own practice schedule and chooses which competitions to attend. A typical team will meet at least once a week for three months, with more frequent meetings just prior to competitions.     

Who is in charge of the team?

Each team needs a coach to organize the team and coordinate team logistics. The coach is usually a team parent, however, can be any adult 18 years or older who is organized and good at delegating. Each team also needs at least one mentor to help support the girls through the engineering, robotics, and research aspects of the challenge. A mentor should be enthusiastic about robotics and engineering. A familiarity with FLL and/or expertise in robotics and engineering is a bonus, not a necessity. Clinics for new coaches and mentors are offered each summer.

Other team parents should expect to help as needed to support the team and the team's coaches and mentors throughout the season. A team runs most smoothly with lots of parental support.         

What is the cost?

For the 2014 season, there is a $375 team program fee for new teams, and a $200 team program fee for returning teams (those that participated in the previous FLL season).    

What are the benefits of participating in FLL through Robots and More!?

GSGLA will provide support for you and your team throughout the season. In addition, we will provide your team with a robotics kit, a field kit, and additional robotics supplies, as well as pay your team’s FIRST registration fee and one tournament fee (total value of more than $800; team savings of $500).

What are GSGLA’s responsibilities?  What are each team’s responsibilities?

For each team, the council will:    

  • provide on-going support and resources throughout season
  • register the team with FIRST and pay FIRST registration fee (~$230)
  • provide a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics kit, software, and field kit (~$500)
  • provide t-shirts for all girls and two adults (coaches and/or mentors)
  • pay registration fee for one FLL Qualifying Tournament (up to $100)
  • pay registration fee for Regional Championship Tournament if team qualifies (up to $100)
  • potential stipend available if team qualifies for post-season competition (i.e., FIRST World Festival, FLL US Open)

 Each robotics team will:     

  • fulfill all mentorship and outreach requirements
  • provide a laptop computer to program the robot
  • purchase supplies for and build a practice table (used tables may be available for loan)
  • provide/find a practice location and a secure storage space for robotics kit and table
  • pay for team transportation costs
  • pay for additional, optional items, such as additional team t-shirts, snacks and beverages for meetings, and/or registration fees for additional tournaments

How do I apply?        

(2014 Robotics registration is closed. Registration for 2015 will open in the Spring.)

As a Troop or Group: The team’s coach should complete and submit a Team Robotics Registration form. Each team must include at least 3, but no more than 10, girls; we recommend a minimum of 6.     

As an Individual: The interested girl should complete and submit an Individual Robotics Registration form. Individual registrants will be assigned to a team based on availability of space. Submission of an individual application does not guarantee placement on a team.  

Please review the 2014 Robots and More! Info Sheet before submitting your registration form.

Not sure if robotics is for you?    

Try your hand at robotics during Robots and More! Sampler Workshops held each spring. More information about specific workshop times and locations available on the GSGLA Program Calendar.    

Need more information?    

Contact Brianna Colomb at or Kristen Simon at