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The Gold Award

Since 1916, Girl Scout’s highest award has stood for excellence and leadership among those who earn it. Gold Award recipients join the ranks of generations of young women who have made a difference in their communities and the world! Earning the Gold Award requires 80 hours of planning and implementation of a challenging, large-scale project that is innovative, engages others, and has a lasting impact on its targeted community with an emphasis on sustainability. Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and your community that you’re out there changing the world.

You can pursue your Girl Scout Gold Award if:

arrowYou're in high school - ninth through twelfth grade

arrowYou're registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Girl Scout Ambassador

arrowYou have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR         earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed a Journey


Upon completing the prerequisites, girls must:      

  • Attend a Gold Award Workshop. Check the Program Calendar for upcoming dates. This training is mandatory and must be taken after you have completed your prerequisites and prior to submitting your proposal for an interview.
  • Create a profile on Go Gold Online. It is strongly recommended you do this as soon as you have completed the prerequisites – do not wait until you have an idea!
  • Complete your online proposal, upload the GSGLA Proposal Attachments and don’t forget to click the submit button for your proposal to be sent to the committee for review. 
  • Await notification from council for next available interview. Staff will contact you to book your interview. This process could take between two weeks to one month, depending on the volume of proposals received.
  • Once you have interviewed and received an approval the candidate may begin her project.


 Girl Scout Gold Award Steps

Follow these steps to develop a high quality Gold Award project! Refer to Go Gold Online and the GSGLA Gold Award Workbook for more information on each step.

1Identify an issue
   Pick something that:

  • Addresses an issue in your community
  • Confronts the root cause of the issue you are addressing

 2Investigate your issue thoroughly

  • Follow the instructions in the GSGLA Gold Award Workbook to ensure you are adhering to the most current process expectations.

3Get help and build your team

 4Create a plan

  • Use Go Gold Online to submit your Gold Award Proposal. Make sure to complete and upload the GSGLA Proposal Attachments. Note: Incomplete proposals will NOT be considered for an interview and will cause delays in your projected timeline.
  • Review your project plan and proposal to ensure that you have created a project which is addressing a real need in the community, will make an impact, and has addressed the fours keys of Take Action.

5Present your plan and gather feedback 

  • Await notification from council for next available interview. Staff will contact you to book your interview. This process could take between two weeks to one month; depending on the volume of proposals received. At your interview, staff and volunteers have an opportunity to help you ensure your project is “Gold Worthy” by offering suggestions and critique of your proposed plan.
  • Once you have interviewed and received an approval you may begin your project.

6Take action

  • Keep an accurate time-log
  • Hold onto all of your receipts for your final budget
  • Take pictures along the way

7Educate and inspire


March 1. You must complete Step 7 in Go Gold Online by March 1 in order to participate in the GSGLA June Gold Award Ceremony. If the project is incomplete and/or the paperwork is submitted after the March 1 deadline, you will still be eligible to participate in the following year’s ceremony.

September 30 of the year you graduate from high school. The last possible opportunity for a girl to complete her project and submit the Gold Award Final Report is September 30 after she graduates from high school. All Gold Award requirements must be met before bridging to Adult Girl Scouts.

  • Create a scrapbook of your project. 
  • Map It! Share your project with the Girl Scout community and represent GSGLA on the Girl Scout Map.



Gold Award Proposal Attachments

Final Report 

Gold Award Final Report Attachments

Additional Forms

Request for Gold Award Mentor


GSGLA Gold Award Workbook

Restaurant Night Approval Form

In-kind Donations Approval Form


Any changes to your project as it was approved at your interview and signed in your contract must be approved PRIOR to progressing with your revised project. As soon as you are aware of a necessary change, stop and contact your assigned Gold Award Committee member. Once the details have been agreed upon, you need to submit a Request for Change e-Form before you can proceed. The last date you can request a change is two weeks prior to your project’s due date.


If you are implementing your project, but for a valid and compelling reason, you are unable to complete your project in the timeframe specified on your interview agreement, you may submit a Request for an Extension e-Form. The last date you can request an extension (and possibly have it approved) is two weeks prior to your project’s original due date. The length of the extension depends on the circumstances, and may vary from one week to three months.   


Our Gold Award honorees are celebrated by family, friends, volunteers, staff, and special guests at this annual event held yearly the first weekend in June. The GSGLA 2017 Gold Award Ceremony will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Please be advised we have made every accommodation to allow girls taking their SAT test to also attend their Gold Award Ceremony. Ticketing options and other detailed information will be available leading up to the event beginning in April. 

Click here for pictures of the 2016 event!