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eBiz includes a page for leaders called the Troop Management Hub for managing troop communications, membership registration, in-person adult training course registration, etc.

Using the Troop Management Hub for Membership Registration and Renewal

Demo for Troop Management in eBiz
Watch video demo to learn about troop management capabilities in eBiz.

Membership Registration Checklist for Renewing Troop Leaders
Download the Checklist for Renewing Troop Leaders to guide you through the membership renewal process.

How to Register New Members to a Troop
Download instructions on how to register NEW members to a troop, OR watch the video demo.

Ready to register or renew members? Jump straight to eBiz login to Register or Renew Members in the Troop Management Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions for Troop Management

What are the benefits of online troop management for troop leaders? 

  • Know who's registered in the troop and who's not.
  • Email parents. (The email address in "From" is the leader's.)
  • Print rosters.
  • Update girls and parents' contact information.
  • Update troop meeting information, including the troop's grade level.
  • Print membership cards for girl and adult members.

For a demonstration of online troop management, click here.

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Who has access to online troop management?
Access to online troop management is only available to volunteer screened troop leaders with a 01 position code in the eBiz database for a specific troop. If a troop leader has more than one troop, she must have a 01 position code on record for each troop in order to have access to online troop management for all her troops. Approval of position codes and troops in eBiz are done by council staff. To request a position code or assignment with multiple troops, please use the eBiz Self-Reporting Feature available during membership registration/renewal and from My Account. Requests can also be made from the Troop Change Form. Click here for GSGLA approved position codes.

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What information can leaders see in the Troop Management Hub?
The leader can see each individual’s registration status and the information that is contained on a member registration form only: contact information; grade; school; age; Girl Scout history; custodial care; racial/ethnic background. The leader does not have access to the order processed by the parent.

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Should troop leaders renew memberships through online troop management?
It’s preferable for everyone that parents/guardians renew girl memberships and their own membership online. An individual renewing their membership online is a one-step process. It’s green. It provides accurate spelling and contact information. It saves a leader time.

A troop leader may renew membership using the troop management hub with the consent of the parents and guardians (signed registration form) in the following circumstances:

  • If the troop decides to pay for  the girls and/or adults membership fees
  • If a parent wishes to pay with cash or check (deposit payment immediately into the troop bank account and use the troop debit card)

Using online troop management to renew members is only available for the leader from the open date of online renewal through 9/30 8:59 PM.

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What happens to the Troop Management Hub roster after 9/30?
Girls/adults who have not renewed their membership for the new membership year disappear from the roster. The roster will only include registered members for the 2013-14 membership year. After 9/30, members who wish to renew must register online individually.  The troop leader will not be able to register them.

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Should troop leaders use online troop management after 9/30 to renew members from the prior year who did not renew?
. Adding previously registered girls/adults via the Troop Management Hub after 9/30 will create duplicates in the database. Girls and adults who missed the renewal period will need to register online individually. 

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