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Tournament of Roses Parade 2012

Click here to read GSGLA's Response to Rose Parade Media Coverage.


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To celebrate our 100th Anniversary, GSGLA hosted a float entry in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on January 2, 2012! Participating in this prestigious event provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Girl Scouts while showcasing our programs and values to the world. Special thanks to Union Bank for their generous support of the float.


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The Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Float

Thank you float sponsors:

Roses Float 2012

GSGLA proudly entered a float in the January 2, 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade. The float kicked off the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts and showcased what it means to be a Girl Scout to the nation and the world! This lovely float traveled the 5 ½ mile parade route with girls from all levels riding upon it as well as walking alongside it. The float was honored with the Past Presidents’ Award for Most Creative Design & Use of Both Floral & Non-Floral Materials. 

Did You Love the Float? Show Your Support!

The 100th Anniversary Float represented more than 15,000 names of people who made flower dedications for themselves or a loved one, who "rode the float" virtually!

Float Design

The Girl Scouts' Anniversary Float was made up of components that reflect the rich history and the dynamic future of the Girl Scout Movement.

The Front Satellite Unit carried Girl Scouts of all six levels. The theme, "What Will You Do Today?" was answered on the main float by a representation of unlimited girl opportunities.

The Tall Ship, Car, Robotic Space Rover symbolized adventure, discovery, travel and the many experiences that Girl Scouting offers through STEM, outdoor adventure & environment, healthy living, and arts and culture programs.

At the end of everyone’s favorite rainbow was a Pot of Girl Scout Cookies, representing the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the nation's largest business/financial literacy program for girls.

The Yellow Roses signified the importance of friendship throughout the life of a Girl Scout.

The Gold Award celebrates the highest level of achievement in Girl Scouting. The Gold Award component was crafted from shades of yellow and gold strawflower petals with a rainbow of red carnations, orange roses, yellow chrysanthemums, blue iris and green tea leaves.

The Book and Pearls honored Girl Scouts’ history and founder, Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low. The pearls represented the pearls she sold to fund the first Girl Scout troops.

The High-Flying, High-Achieving Girl Scout depicted a Girl Scout astronaut wearing a badge/patch-filled sash, symbolizing curiosity and exploration, and propelling the Girl Scout Movement into the future.

Meet the 100th Anniversary Float Riders, Outwalkers, Banner Carriers & Color Guards!

Selection for the float riders, outwalkers, banner carriers and color guards started back in the summer of 2011 and hundreds of Girl Scouts from across the greater Los Angeles area applied for the honor to represent the Girl Scout movement. Several selection committees made up of volunteers had the difficult task of selecting the 156 Girl Scouts.  Click here to read about each of our 14 float riders and see a listing of our outwalkers, banner carriers and color guards.

Tournament of Roses Patch & Souvenirs

Many troops earned the official Girl Scout Tournament of Roses patch and 2012 Theme Bar even without visiting Pasadena! Click here for more information on the Tournament of Roses patch. 

*Past Events Associated with the Float (Prior to 1.2.12)*:

Support for the 100th Anniversary Float & the Girl Scout Parade Participants

Many supporters dedicated a float flower and were able to take a virtual ride on the float.

Girl Scout Float Week Activities

To celebrate float week, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles hosted special events and activity-themed days for Girl Scouts to participate in the week before the parade. Girl Scouts decorated floats, toured Pasadena and the Los Angeles area, earned patches and experienced the Rose® Parade. Click here to see a listing of our float week activities.

Float Rally

Girl Scouts celebrated at a GSGLA Float Rally on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011. This was a chance for a special preview of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles’ 100th Anniversary Float before it hit the Rose Parade route on January 2, 2012. 

Float Decorating

Attention Girls and Troop Leaders! If you're interested in decorating a float for the next Tournament of Roses Parade, please read all the information and view the available dates at