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Support the Girl Scout Float

The Parade may be over, but you still have a chance to show your support! Check out the great options below!

Shop fabulous 100th Anniversary Collectibles and celebrate in style! Our collector items offer something for everyone, from centennial scarves, to mugs, T-shirts, jackets and pins!

Available now in all seven retail locations or click here to shop these items today online.

A percentage of all 100th Anniversary Merchandise sales will go to support the 100th Anniversary Rose Parade float, the Girl Scout Float Riders & Outwalkers and the 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts celebrations and activities.

A portion of the sale supports our float and  parade programs for the Girl Scouts. We encourage you to plant a garden of Zinnias at your school, community center or city hall and send us a photo to post online!

Every gift helps us build a float that celebrates all that Girl Scouting means to millions of girls and women around the world.


Send a Thank You Card to your Float Dedication Recipient!

To send your recipient a fillable thank you card which you will email, click here.

To send your recipient a fillable thank you card which you will print click here.