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2017 Gold Award Ceremony

Our 2017 Gold Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 3. (Time TBD) Stay tuned for more details!

Your Entrepreneurship Program Specialists

Bethany Wylie, Long Beach & Marina Service Centers -
Deanne Moore, Arcadia & Montclair Service Centers -
Melissa Pepe, Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita, & Palmdale Service Centers -

Information/Publicity Permission Form

We are asking each recipient to complete the 2017 Gold Award Recipient Information/Publicity Permission Form. Please note that this form must be completed and submitted via email or mail no later than March 24, 2017. Failure to complete this form by the deadline may result in certificates and letters of recognition being misspelled or being omitted from publications. GSGLA will not make requests for any corrections. 

The form can also be found hereIt must be TYPED.

 Gold Award Portraits 

Belle N Beau Photography, located in Arcadia, is the official photographer for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Gold Award Program. The council honors each year’s group of Gold Award recipients by displaying their portraits at the council service centers. The photograph will also be used in the ceremony program as well as other publications. It is very important that all 2017 recipients have their photo taken. There is no charge to you unless you choose to purchase the photographs.

Please call Belle N Beau Photography at (626) 446-6000, to schedule an appointment time. Please call during studio hours: Tuesday–Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Appointment times fill up rather quickly, so do not delay. The absolute final deadline to have your portrait taken is April 7, 2017.

You may also have your portrait taken when Belle N Beau is in the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles regional service centers on the following dates, please call to make an appointment.

Sunday, March 19, 2017     
Woodland Hills Service Center
20931 Burbank Blvd., Suite A
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Sunday, March 26, 2017     
Long Beach Service Center- ATC
4040 N. Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90808

Sunday, April 2, 2017
Montclair Service Center
9525Monte Vista Ave.
Montclair, CA 90808


2016 Gold Award Ceremony

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles honored 265 Girl Scouts at the 2016 Gold Award Ceremony on Saturday, June 4. View the event album!

Purchase Gold Award Photos

Professional photos of each Girl Scout with GSGLA CEO Lise L. Luttgens, as well as the Gold Award recipient group photo, are available for purchase from RD Photo Services.

Pricing is as follows:

  • *Digital download special*: $20 for a high resolution digital download of any two digital downloads (example: individual girl + group photo. Must add both photos to your cart to see the discount)

  • Digital download of individual girl photo OR group photo (if purchased separately): $15 each
  • Hardcopy print of individual photo: $15 each (5x7 size) or $25 each (8x10 size) - shipping extra

  • Hardcopy print of group photo$15 each (5x7 size) or $25 each (8x10 size) - shipping extra


For assistance or questions, email 

Congratulations to all 265 GSGLA Girl Scout Gold Awardees!

Lucie Abele

Krista Estrada
Tera Lloyd
Nicole Rahman
Christina Aguilera
Laura Farley
Samantha Lockwood
Melissa Rainbird
Kate Ahlberg
Emily Fechner Alyssa Lopez Rachel Ranieri
Rita Aksenfeld Kelsey Feinberg Amanda Lopez Katelyn Ray
Madeleine Albert Noelle Ferrante Bailey Louie Grace Rector
Emily Allan Jillian Filbrich Piper Lowinger Hannah Reher
Christina Amiridis Taylor Fitzgerald Daniela Luque Sutton Revell
Jena Anastasi Olivia Fitzpatrick Clare Madera Kianna Rios
Allison Annick Maile Fok Katrine Madsen Erin Rodarte
Emma Antonides Mia Forsline Samantha Magante Natalie Rozman
Noemi Aranda
Annabelle Fung
Ellis Magdaleno Rachel Russell
Alexandra Astin Miranda Gardea Kalani Mah Hadeel Saab
Veronica Backer-Peral Danielle Gardner Melina Mallory Lauren Sakoda
Emily Ballinger Olivia Garland Jillian Mara Jo Anna Samec
Sophia Ballinger Candace Gendreau Jennifer Marinov Elena Santana
Airelle Barajas Raquel Gerard Maci Mark Veronica Santana
Amelia Barbee Jacqueline Gettys Zoe Mark Natalie Sardarov
Carolina Barbosa Sarah Gillespie Katherine Markese Kayla Sawyer
Jo Barrera Tessa Glidewell Isaura Martin Audrey Sayer
Elena Bartlett Ella Gmelich Elena Martinelli Allison Schepper
Mitra Baskarpandian Kyrene Goh Ashley Martinez Jazlyn Seidel
Isabelle Beaudoin Natalie Gold Veronica Martinez Madison Seifer
Emily Beeve Shayna Goldstein Lillian Maxfield Lorie Seuylemeazian
Anna Benedict Alyssa Gonzalez
Molly McAnany Carolyn Shankwiler
Lana Biren Sara Gustafson Kelly McCann Emily Sheng
Inaara Biring Julia Habeger Alexis McNevin Anita Shenoi
Elizabeth Bissell Alyssa Hanna Juliette Mekikian Isabella Sideri
Sara Bock Taylor Hanson Cassandra Miller Hannah Silk
Lindsey Boeltl Susan Harrison Holly Miller Malia Sirota
Brooke Boron Megan Hartmann Beth Mintzer Emily Smith
Morgan Bowman Christina Haug Sanya Mital Nicole Son
Kara Bradley Mary Hawkins Melanie Mizushima Samantha Spacher
Jillian Brady Mary Henke Sasha Monterroso Paulina Stein
Jacqueline Brown-Gaines Alisha Hernandez Natalie Moore Naomi Stephen
Alexandra Bucheli Chloe Hidley Taylor Moore Claire Swartzlander
Carly Buck Gwyneth Hochhausler Karlie Morales
Kaitlyn Tang
Zoe Bullard Natalie Hodis Priscilla Moreno Mackenna Teeman
Denise Cabral Emily Holmes Melissa Morris Serena Tramm
Susanne Carpenter Annika Horvath Lori Moses Fiona Tran
Dana Carriger
Emily Hourihan Kaley Mozell Kaitlan Tseng
Daniela Castro Carolyn Huh Malley Musso Erika Umeda
Laura Cavanagh Cassidy Hunt Sarah Muzquiz Cameryn Uribe-Lopez
Kaitlin Caylor Rachel Hwang Somer Nabulsi Brooke Vanderdonck
Breanna Chan Piper Ireland Leah Nagel Claire Vanderdonck
Kimberly Chernich Darryinn James Jessica Naito Meera Varma
Hannah Chew Kayla Jones Erin New Andrea Villaseñor
Alyssa Chiang Riley Kapfer Kayla Nicholls Gabriella Walker
Rachel Cho Tessa Kardassakis Kate Nigolian Kathryn Walker
Makenna Christensen Paige Kauffman Abigail Norris Mrunal Walvekar
Sydni Christoffersen Kayley Kawana Sydney Norris Christina Wang
Casey Chu Elizabeth Keller Kayla Nuttall
Katelyn Warbritton
Gillian Chuck Claire Kenny Diana Oh
Annaliese Wargin
Jessica Chun Paige Kenyon Torie Oishi Lauren Weetman
Alexandra Cobarrubias Breanna Kikuchi Julia Otter Katherine Wegleitner
Therese Cook Sarah Kitchen Zoe Parcells Claire Werner
Katherine Cooper Lauren Koch Alannah Paren Jessica White
Rose Darcy
Vibha Kodancha Megan Pasqua Kari Whiteside
Kennedy Davis
Samantha Kohn Anisa Patel Sarah Wiggins
Camille Day Sasha Kumar Brinda Patel Tari Williams
Victoria Del Valle Alison Lacey Madelena Pawlek Maya Willis
Christina Dominguez Magdalena Langdon Emily Payner Taylor Wolfe
Mackenzie Drewe Vanessa Lanza Katy Paynter Sara Wong
Claire Dundee Amanda Lee Ally Pehar Danielle Yang
Erica Dye Erica Lee Audrey Phan Samantha Zimmer
Olivia Edwards Kathy Lee Allison Pieroni  
Alyssa Eliopulos
Tammy Lee
Jillian Pih  
Maya English
Kaitlyn Li Gareen Puglia  

GSGLA Gold Award Alumnae

In honor of the Gold Award Centennial, we are featuring profiles of GSGLA Gold Award recipients.

Meera V.
Project Title: "Rejuvenating Rhythms"
Year: 2016


For Meera’s Gold Award project, she wanted to share her love of music with senior citizens. Having played music for a decade, Meera developed an informal percussion class for seniors to “relax, be creative, and have the chance to express themselves in an artistic way.” She also wanted to share the health benefits of playing music and give seniors “the opportunity to mingle with friends in a fun and creative environment.” A personal goal of Meera’s was to conduct the class at zero cost—which she was able to achieve by persuading a business owner to donate 24 instruments worth approximately $5,000. She found that her students were grateful for the opportunity to learn percussion and “willing to go to any lengths to help [her] project become a big success.” Meera believes the Gold Award process has made her “more confident, passionate, and motivated to make [her] community a better place.” We’re excited to see where the future takes you, Meera!


Sherille B.
Project Title: "Women’s Fighting Chance"
Year: 2015


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American women—which is why Ambassador Girl Scout Sherille led an awareness campaign about the condition for her Gold Award project. She held educational seminars for more than 100 women of all ages about how to identify symptoms, when to seek help, and how to prevent the disease. While Sherille found it “rewarding to provide the participants with presentations, guest speakers, and materials,” she did run into some challenges. In one instance, a city senior center where she planned to hold a seminar told her she couldn’t present because her curriculum wasn’t city-specific. Sherille says that “nonetheless, [she] was able to secure other locations that were specific to senior citizens.” Through her Gold Award project, she learned to what extent Girl Scouts can positively impact their communities—one reason why prospective Gold Awardees should never give up: “You will be proud of yourself throughout your life about your ability, endurance, and accomplishment in completing this valuable journey.” Great job, Sherille!


Amanda C.
Rowland Heights
Project Title: "Project Unity"
Year: 2015


Amanda wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and families going through tough times – one that would not just alleviate stress, but bring them closer together. That was the impetus for Amanda’s Gold Award project entitled “Project Unity.” Collaborating with the Ronald McDonald House, Amanda made and donated 60 fleece blankets and 120 scarves, as well as hosted workshops about the significance of hope and unity for families. Through the project, Amanda says she “learned that the smallest things can make the greatest impact — like creating a ripple effect in a community.” Her advice to other girls pursuing their Gold Award? “Plan for every outcome… It’s okay for things to change a little. Just take a deep breath, change, and record what needs to be done, and remember that it is all going to be worth it in the end; no matter how stressed you feel in the moment.” Thank you for your hard work, Amanda!


Frankie A.
Project Title: "Happy Grandparent's Day!"
Year: 2015


Inspired by her love for Judaism and her grandmother, Frankie hosted a “Happy Grandparent’s Day” at the Los Angeles Jewish Home. She wanted the seniors living there to realize how special and honorable they are. But organizing the event wasn’t easy—Frankie said the process of collecting donations was particularly time-consuming. Yet she persisted, and by staying organized, she was able to collect the materials she needed for her project. In the end, she said she got more than enough food for the event and the seniors were extremely complimentary. Frankie advises other girls pursuing their Gold Award that the project “will help you learn and see your community in a difference perspective,” and to “take it all in and have fun!” Congratulations, Frankie!


Megan M.
Redondo Beach
"Welcome Book and Comfort Bags for Cancer Patients"
Year: 2015


Helping new cancer patients navigate through uncertainty and fear—that was the aim of Megan’s Gold Award project, “Welcome Book and Comfort Bags for Cancer Patients.” Megan created a welcome book full of healthy recipes, poems, and music suggestions for patients at Cancer Support Community. She also collected donations from stores, led a younger troop in a poetry workshop, and attended meetings with patients—all of which pushed her out of her comfort zone and taught her courage and confidence. She advises prospective Gold Award applicants that it is “far more worth it to keep working than giving up,” and “the feeling of making a difference in the community is inexplicably amazing and heart-warming.” We’re so proud, Megan!


The Girl Scout Gold Award

The highest award a Girl Scout can earn.

A two-year undertaking, girls complete training and use their talents and learned leadership skills to create a Gold Award Take Action project. This large-scale project requires a minimum of 80 hours of planning and implementation and must have a lasting impact on its targeted community. To find out more about the Girl Scout Gold Award, or to begin the process of earning the award, click here.

Kate Alyn Ahlberg