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Meet our 2013-15 GAB members! 

GAB 2013-14

Anne Allan

Reilly Edmonds Peggy Nguyen

Emily Allan

Madison Egan Rhiannon O'Brien
Nitza Arambula Madison Eidinger Emma Olsen
Laurel Ast Caroline Fontes Elisabetta Pepe
Elise Austin Lauren Galantai Becky Raghavachary
Alexis Baker-Kolff Annika Horvath Jolie Reeder
Evelyn Baran Joanna Hua Sophia Stuart
Marissa Blanco-Johnson Sara Huelskamp Ava Swain
Erika Boychenko Zaylin Jackson Kylie Tobin
Abigail Brown Chloe Jackson Jenee Turner
Madeline Brown Ashley Jones Jenelle Turner
Caroline Callan Julie Kaplan Taylor Vaughn
Eva Casciani Charlee Leatherberry Brianna Wenger 
Giuliana Casciani Mecca McFadden Terri Wilken
LaNiya Dawson Juliana McKenna Emily Williams 
Gillian Doplemore Kaniela Nakamura  

Do you have the gift of gab?

The NEW Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Girl Advisory Bureau (GAB) is a dynamic group of Girl Scouts from every level--Daisy to Ambassador--and from all over the greater Los Angeles area.

GAB girls speak up and speak out, acting as the voice of more than 40,000 Girl Scouts, representing the council at media and civic events. Plus, GAB members:

  • have the honor and distinction of membership
  • engage in leadership and media workshops
  • share their ideas and stories with the council and the community

GAB membership commitments

GAB members must*:

  • uphold the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • attend the annual GAB Member Orientation
  • commit to attending at least four (4) GAB meetings a year**
  • commit to a minimum term of two (2) years or until they age out of Girl Scouts, whichever comes first

*Additional assignments and field trips may be required for Junior to Ambassador members.

**Brownie and Daisy members are only required to attend the orientation and one media workshop

GAB levels

GAB is divided into two groups. In some instances, the groups will meet together; but they will also have separate meetings and opportunities as well.

Silver GAB Members

Girls enter GAB as Silver members for their first two-year term. Silver GAB Members take part in fun introductory media and speaking workshops and trainings.

Gold GAB Members

This is the second level of GAB. Girls who have already completed their two-year term as Silver GAB Members can choose to stay in GAB for an additional two years as Gold GAB Members. The Gold group will take part in fun intermediate/advanced workshops and opportunities. They will also serve as mentors for the Silver group by planning and leading some of the Silver workshops.

Gabbing with Girl Scouts  


How to apply

GAB members are selected every two years by a committee of Girl Scout staff, Girl Scout volunteers, and media professionals. The next application round for the 2015-17 term is happening... now! The deadline to turn in the application is Jan. 11, 2015. The program will start in April 2015 and go through April 2017. Girls will be notified the week of Feb. 16, 2015.

GAB 2015-17 Flier

There are two steps to applying for the 2015-17 GAB term: (1) Complete an online application for either Silver or Gold GAB membership. (2) Submit a video and headshot to Applications and instructions are below.

Silver GAB Members

New to GSGLA's GAB? Apply as a Silver GAB Member!

Silver GAB Application Instructions - Please read

Silver GAB Member Application

Gold GAB Members

Already completed a two-year term in GAB 2013-15? Re-apply as a Gold GAB Member!

Gold GAB Member Application Instructions - Please read

Gold GAB Member Application

Questions? Email