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The Early Bird does get the worm!

Early Bird Membership Renewal Period: April 1June 30, 2016

The Early Bird Renewal period gives current Girl Scouts the opportunity to renew their membership early for the upcoming Girl Scout Year (October 2016 through September 2017) by using their credit card or debit card. It's the fastest and most secure way to renew your membership! Cost for 2016-17 membership is $15.


<< Starting 4/1, log in to eBiz and renew your membership for 
 Early Bird deadline is 6/30 at 8:59 p.m.


Need help? Click here for the Early Bird Renewal Clinics, Webinar, step-by-step instructions on membership renewal, and FAQs.


Early Bird Renewal Rewards

View troop rewards

View service unit rewards

Early Bird renewal brochure


Earn an Early Bird patch for all girls and adults renewing during Early Bird!

Membership Renewal Clinics, Webinar, Instructions, & FAQs

Early Bird Registration Clinics

Attend a free clinic at your local service center to help you with renewing your membership. View the clinic schedule.


Thank you for attending the Early Bird Webinar on 3/16. If you were unable to attend the live webinar, you can access the recorded webinar here. This webinar was created for service unit managers, registrars, and leaders to successfully navigate through the online renewal process for the 2016-17 membership year.

Please contact your troop support specialist for additional guidance.

Step-by-Step Membership Renewal Instructions

Click here to download instructions
 for membership renewal. If you have questions not answered below, please send an email to or call 213-213-0123.

Renewal FAQs

Online Membership Renewal

Online Troop Management

Offline Membership Registration and Paper Forms

Family Partnership Contributions




Who is able to renew online?
Currently registered girls and adults who have a valid email address in the council's database are eligible to renew online. The new membership year begins October 1.


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What payment methods are accepted to renew an individual's membership online?
Credit and debit cards are accepted. To inquire about financial assistance, please visit this webpage.


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How do parents/guardians and adults renew memberships?

To make sure all girls and adults continuing in troops appear on the troop roster, troop leaders should enter members’ missing email addresses in the Troop Management Hub and email parents/adult members to remind them to renew by 9/23 at 8:59PM (PST). Click here to download instructions for membership renewal.


Parents/guardians of currently registered girls and currently registered adults can go to the eBiz tab on to register online.


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How do parents make a Family Partnership contribution?
The goal of Family Partnership is to provide financial resources for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles to invest in the future of our girls. When every family in a troop gives to Family Partnership, the troop receives cash back to invest in programs and activities of their choice.


Click here to donate and for information about the Family Partnership campaign.


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I am a graduating senior this year. How do I register for the discounted Lifetime Membership?
Graduating seniors may purchase Lifetime Membership at the discounted rate of $195 (regular $375) if they register by September 1. In order to receive this discounted rate, they must MAIL or deliver their membership registration form and payment by SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 to: GSGLA, ATTN: LIFETIME REGISTRATION, 9525 Monte Vista Ave, Montclair, CA 91763. DO NOT submit by Fax or email to GSGLA. DO NOT submit to your local service center, your troop leader or Service Unit Registrar. Use the Adult Membership Registration Form to register for Lifetime Membership.


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I clicked on the link that was sent to activate my eBiz account and I received a "page not found" message. What do I do?

If you are experiencing trouble, please email our helpdesk:


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Is a separate login required for each person?
No. Parents of girl members under the age of 18 no longer need to access their daughter’s individual eBiz accounts. Adults who are designated as the Guardian 1 for their daughter(s) will have access to the Family Management areas for their own family account. As a Family Manager, Guardian 1’s will now have the same access and capabilities that were previously only available to Troop Leaders. Designated 01 troop leaders will continue to have access to Troop Management. Adults who are both Guardian 1’s and Troop Leaders will have access to both areas of management.


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What features are available to me on my eBiz account?

  • Update demographic and contact information as needed.
  • Make a contribution to GSGLA.
  • Renew membership.
  • Print a membership card.

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Is a parent/guardian signature required for online membership renewal?
No. The parent/guardian's online purchase of a Girl Scout membership replaces the need for a signature.


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What happens if a girl wants to renew her membership but is transferring to another troop?

Transferring to another troop is a two-step process:

  1. A girl's parent/guardian renews girl's membership online with the existing troop.
  2. The current or new troop leader initiates a troop transfer using the Troop Change Form. Transfers are made by council staff.

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Is online membership renewal available in Spanish?

Not at this time. Paper forms must be used to register in Spanish. 

Girl Membership Registration – Spanish

Adult Membership Registration - Spanish

Product Program Permission Form - Spanish

Health History Form – English & Spanish


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What types of transactions must be done by council staff?

Use the Troop Change Form for the following:

  • Grade changes
  • School changes
  • Troop transfers
  • Position code assignments - these are finalized by Council staff. To request a position code/assignment with multiple troops, you can either use the Troop Change Form or the eBiz Self-Reporting Feature available during membership renewal and from My Account. The list on the eBiz site contains more codes than used by GSGLA. Please click here for a list of approved GSGLA position codes.

Email for the following:

  • Name changes - for example, spelling corrections, hyphenated names, new last names
  • Troop disbands - list names of girls and where they will be moving (to another troop or into the service unit as an independent)

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What is online troop management?

eBiz includes a page for leaders called the Troop Management Hub for managing troop communications, membership registration, in-person adult training course registration, etc.


View the Tips for Leaders Renewing Their Troop's Membership


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What are the benefits of online troop management for troop leaders?

  • Know who's registered in the troop and who's not.
  • Email parents. (The email address in "From" is the leader's.)
  • Print rosters.
  • Update girls' and parents' contact information.
  • Update troop meeting information, including the troop's grade level.
  • Print membership cards for girl and adult members.

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Who has access to online troop management?
Access to online troop management is only available to volunteer screened troop leaders with an 01 position code in the eBiz database for a specific troop. If a troop leader has more than one troop, she must have an 01 position code on record for each troop in order to have access to online troop management for all her troops. Approval of position codes and troops in eBiz are done by council staff. To request a position code or assignment with multiple troops, please use the eBiz Self-Reporting Feature available during membership registration/renewal and from My Account. Requests can also be made from the Troop Change FormClick here for GSGLA approved position codes.


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What information can leaders see in the Troop Management Hub?
The leader can see each individual’s registration status and the information that is contained on a member registration form only: contact information; grade; school; age; Girl Scout history; custodial care; racial/ethnic background. The leader does not have access to the order processed by the parent.


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Should troop leaders renew memberships through online troop management?

A troop leader may renew membership using the Troop Management Hub with the consent of the parents and guardians (signed registration form) in the following circumstances:

  • If the troop decides to pay for the girls and/or adults membership fees
  • If a parent wishes to pay with cash or check (deposit payment immediately into the troop bank account and use the troop debit card)

Please use these documents for guidance:

Using online troop management to renew members is only available for the leader from the open date of online renewal through 9/23 8:59 PM.

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What happens to the Troop Management Hub roster after 9/23?

Girls/adults who have not renewed their membership for the new membership year disappear from the roster. The roster will only include registered members for the 2016-17 membership year. After 9/23, members who wish to renew must register online individually. The troop leader will not be able to register them.


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Should troop leaders use online troop management after 9/23 to renew members from the prior year who did not renew?

No. Adding previously registered girls/adults via the Troop Management Hub after 9/23 will create duplicates in the database. Girls and adults who missed the renewal period will need to register online individually.


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How do troop leaders use the Troop Management Hub to register new members into existing troops?

In order to affiliate a new girl/adult with a troop, the Troop Management Hub must be used to register the new member. Please use the Online Membership Renewal Checklist For Leaders.


The Troop Management Hub’s “Add Girl” and “Add Adult” features are used to register new members into an existing troop. New girls/adults are defined as new girls/adults to GSGLA whether or not they have been registered with another Girl Scout council. (If a girl/adult is registered for the current membership year in another council and is transferring to GSGLA, then an inter-council transfer must be executed. Send an email to to initiate this process.)


Please note: Girls and Adults that have recently turned in their 2015-2016 paperwork or have been previously registered as a Girl Scout in the past (but not for current year) should activate their individual eBiz accounts to Early Bird for 2016-2017. The leader cannot do this as a duplicate record error will appear prohibiting the registration under Troop Management.


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How do troop leaders register girls online with troop debit card or eBiz card?

View the Online Membership Renewal Checklist For Leaders or view the Tips for Leaders Renewing Their Troop's Membership.

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Which membership registrations cannot be done online?

  • Troops requesting financial assistance. More info.
  • Graduating seniors registering for the discounted Lifetime Membership. More info.

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Where can I get paper registration forms for offline membership registration?

Only those requesting financial assistance or seniors registering for the Lifetime Membership should use offline paper registration. Everyone else should register online.


Girl Membership Registration - English | Spanish

Adult Membership Registration - English | Spanish

Product Program Permission Form - English | Spanish

Health History Form – English & Spanish


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