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Annual Meeting & Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

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Registration deadline: April 7, 7 p.m.!

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Registration deadline: April 7, 7 p.m.!

2015 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony Honorees

Visionary Award

Betsey L. Brewer

Thanks Badge

Betsey L. Brewer
Carole Mingus

Platinum Service

Liz Busque

Honor Pin

Anna Armstrong  Bonnie Clinton  Sharon Lei Hager Kari Hanson Joan Hasler 
DeAnn Healy  Heather Hetrick  Linda Kurt  Elsa Macias  Patricia McGlothlin 
Gina McLeod  Helen McNamee  Michelle Antionette Merritt Elizabeth Liz Miller Janis Penton 
Leanne Rodgers Danielle Sager-Ebling  Holly Shaffer  Gretchen Tagavilla  Brenna Terrones 
Darlene Torres  Steve Zimmerman       

Appreciation Pin

Stephanie Acolentava  Kerry Anne Allen Celina Alveraz Melissa Appelbaum-Schwartz  Thornton Ast 
Tony Ayad  Rachel Banks  Jill Barbee  Marie Beausoleil  Peggy Brewer 
Kyla Biba  April Bilderbach  Pamela Brissette  Priya Kumar Bradfield Lori Brown 
Stephanie Cabrera-Rodriguez  Tricia Cascione Gail Chang  Michelle Chavez  Janny Cheng 
Deborah Contreras  Tammy Conway Amber Creswick  Laurie Daghigh  Christine Devine 
Frank Diaz  Lisa Dols  David Finkel  Tammi Froh  Anne Gammariello 
Jane Glaser  Gloria Halfacre  Jenelle Hamilton  Helen Hand  Rebecca Haro Kuo
Faron "Moe Joe" Isom Yukimi "Cherry Blossom" Isom Michelle Jett  Sindy Kang  Barb Karpp 
Janet KC-Jordan  Birgit Kielpinski  Jeanna Kienzle  Heather Kimbell  Brenda Lamoureux 
Ed Langness  Chris Larsen  Jasmine Laubender  Rose Leavitt  Kathleen LeBrun 
Maureen McCollough  Barbara McDonough Karen Rappaport McHugh Elena Meroth Julie Miller
Valerie Mingus-Beck  Millicent Mito  Suzanne Mortimer-Crawford Victoria Mualem Marlene Neal
Jeanne O'Donnel Laura Ortiz Linda Otto Melanie Paige Anita Pederson 
Michelle Roberts Brenda Rogokos Lynette Romero Sadine Sadler  Shamira Sadler 
Denise Sanchez  Melissa "Blue" Sandefur Carolyn Saruwatari  Eiko Sato  Sylvia Shelp 
Pamela Sheriff  Kathy Silva  Sandy Smith  Susan Smith Kryss Stephan 
Sean Valentine Paisley Velasquez  Sarah Vento Birgit Vollmann-Smith Christeen Walker 
Rachael Ward Gale Watts David Williams Cyndi Williamson  

President's Award


Liz Busque & Stephanie Thomas


Sarah Smith


Julie Miller

North Redondo Beach:

Tammie Scott

North River:

Liz Miller

Pali Mali:

Lynn Mack-Costello



San Pedro:

Yvonne Schueller





Tenure Numeral Guard
(30+ years in 5 year increments)

Rachel Banks
Virginia Egebakken
Nancy Emch
Su Guzzardi
Florence Krejci
Barbara McDonough
Michelle Merritt
Jan Rector
Sue Sanders
Tammie Scott
Holly Shaffer
Pennie Taylor      

Years of Service Pin

(25+ years in 5 year increments)

Mary Ann Bauer
Peggy Brewer Kathi Day Virginia Egebakken
Nancy Emch
Deborah Harris
Florence Krejci 
Julie Marchbank Barbara McDonough
Michelle Merritt
Patricia Mitchell
Aileen Poehls 
Jan Rector
Sue Sanders 
Eiko Sato
Tammie Scott
Holly Shaffer
Peg Tamberella
Pennie Taylor
 Pamela K. Verhaegen
Ella Wilridge  


Place a Program Book Tribute

Congratulate or honor a special volunteer with a tribute in the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony tribute book. Businesses can also place a tribute to showcase their brand. Tribute books are given to every event attendee and copies will also be available at all service centers. 

DEADLINE: March 16

Form for individuals/troops/service units/volunteers: e-form version  |  PDF version

Form for companies/business: e-form version  |  PDF version

Property Ratification Vote & Board Slate

The annual meeting is an opportunity for Girl Scout members, ages 14+, to vote on important council decisions. This year, we will be voting in a new board slate (coming soon), as well as voting on property strategic planning recommendations. We hope you can join us for this important day!


For questions regarding nominations or the event, contact

Highlights from the 2014 event

Click here to view photos from the 2014 event.