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Girl Scout programs are based on the themes of leadership development, life skills, and community service. They are girl-led, cooperative, and interactive.

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The Girl Scout Leadership Experience encourages girls to discover themselves, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place.

Leadership Awards:*

  1. Gold Award - The highest award a Girl Scout can earn, this two-year undertaking requires that a girl:
  1. Silver Award - The highest award achievable by a Girl Scout Cadette, this award encourages girls to practice leadership.
  2. Bronze Award - The highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn, this award shows a girl’s commitment to helping others.

   *These are some of the Girl Scout leadership opportunities.


Business & Financial Literacy

The practical skills developed in Girl Scouts Business and Financial Literacy programs will serve girls in becoming business leaders. Girl Scouts empowers girls to make smart financial decisions by teaching:

  • goal setting
  • decision making
  • money management
  • people skills
  • business ethics


Healthy Living

At the heart of Healthy Living is building girls’ self-esteem. Girl Scouting provides age-appropriate settings to develop healthy habits for life– mind, body, and spirit.

Outcomes from girls who participate in our programs:

  • 90% feel more committed to having a healthy lifestyle.
  • 78% believe they can impact the way media portrays women.
  • 75% learn tips for living a healthy life.
  • 75% feel equipped to make decisions and accomplish goals they


Outdoor Adventure

Appreciation of the earth and a philosophy of social responsibility, environmentally focused projects, and outdoor fun are the bedrock of the Girl Scout Outdoor Adventure program.

Camp, Camp Hooray

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles hosts nearly 3,500 girls at its various day, resident and specialty camps. Nearly $50,000 is provided in financial assistance; as a quarter of the 450 girls who attend resident camp require support to participate.


STE[A]M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math)

Whether it is to learn to build the fastest skateboard on the block, explore outerspace or develop the next technology empire, Girl Scouting prepares girls for success. The STE[A]M program:

  • Offers innovative hands-on experiences.
  • Acquaints girls with career options and tools for future independence.

Building Tomorrow

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles has 15 robotics teams and plans to launch rocketry teams soon. STEM outcomes for Girl Scouts:

  • nearly 50% feel that they can become scientists or engineers.
  • 73% express an interest in tackling more engineering challenges.
  • 77% gain a positive sense of self.
  • 96% understand the importance of cooperation and working as a part of a team.