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Today’s girls represent humanity’s greatest untapped resources, but they face many challenges:

  • Bullying
  • Peer Pressure
  • Body image
  • Drugs
  • Lack of positive role models or mentors


And girls in our poorest communities are dealing with these issues and more:

  • Gangs
  • Violence
  • Poverty

Our leadership development programs address these issues now so we can continue to build leaders for tomorrow. 

Here are examples of what your gift can do: 

  • $25 provides registration fees for a low-income girl to join a robotics team
  • $50 supports 2 girls attending a video game design workshop
  • $150 support 10 girls in afterschool programs that teach them skills to reduce bullying and promote conflict resolution
  • $250 allows an inner city girl to attend camp and discover the great outdoors and build confidence when she meets new challenges, like a ropes course.


Your gift makes a difference in the life of a girl.

Investing in our girls will produce the greatest return in economic development, social progress, and public health, improving not only their lives, but the fabric of society overall.