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GSGLA Property Strategic Planning

The GSGLA Property Strategic Planning Process, Voices to Vision, was completed in July 2014. This process was the first thorough analysis of the council’s four camps and ten program centers and will assess our facilities in a fiscally responsible way and help meet the needs of girls today—and tomorrow.

Property Update (Nov 2015)

Click here for the GSGLA property plan progress report (11/15).

GSGLA Property Recommendations

Find the board-approved recommendations and more, here.

Download the GSGLA Property Planning Vision statement here.

Property Recommendations Outcomes

At the GSGLA annual meeting on April 18, 2015, voting-eligible members (ages 14+) voted to ratify of the board-approved property recommendations. 

Get More Information, FAQs

Find answers via the Voices to Vision Property Vote and the Voices to Vision Property Planning Process Frequently Asked Questions documents. Check here often, as the FAQs are updated often.

Property Recommendations Vote FAQs

In preparation for the property recommendation vote to be held at the Annual Meeting (April 18, 2015), this FAQ document was developed to address how the process will work. The council had a well-qualified parliamentarian presiding at the Annual Meeting to assure compliance. To read about Nancy Sylvester's parliamentarian qualifications, click here. Please continue to send questions to

Voices to Vision Property Planning FAQs

GSGLA Property/Population Map

Property Data & Findings

Click here to find information on GSGLA’s four mountain camps and 10 program center properties, including site descriptions, usage, cost, and rental income information.

Survey findings from data collected at Girltopia 2013

Market Research Findings from Murphy Research

Contact Us

We're here for you. The Voices to Visions Property Planning FAQ document has answers to your common questions, but if you still have a question, let us know. Send your question or comment to

The Property Strategic Planning Task Force

Sounds like a crew of super heroes, doesn't it? You might say they are. The Property Strategic Planning Task Force (Task Force) consisted of highly skilled, specialized, committed volunteers with the credentials, background, and perspectives necessary to guide this process. 

Click Here to meet the Property Strategic Planning Task Force.

The Research Firm

GSGLA worked with a third-party research firm, Murphy Research, to help ensure that we undertook a process that yielded data with integrity.

Click here to find out more about Murphy Research, Inc.