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Across the country, the Girl Scout community is hard at work on a whole new approach to making sure that everyone can participate in Girl Scouting in the ways they want to. Both girls and adult volunteers can choose from flexible ways to participate that meet your needs and interest and fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Through Girl Scout Pathways, girls can choose any one, all, or some of the options—camp, events, series, troop, travel, and virtual— within a single membership year. Click here to find your local council contact to get started on your Girl Scout Adventure!

  • Camp: Girls participate in day, weekend or resident camps with a focus on the outdoors and/or environmental education

  • Events: Girls participate in events related to a specific theme or purpose (e.g., career day, Family Science Festival, Cookie Kick-Off)

  • Series: Girls participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls relating to a specific theme or purpose (e.g., high-adventure teen group, robotics team)

  • Troops: Girls participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls over the course of an academic year

  • Travel: The travel pathway offers girls leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through local, regional, national, and international travel. Girls prepare, plan, money-earn and participate through group travel, council-sponsored trips, or nationally sponsored excursions.

  • Virtual: Girls participate in interactive, high-quality program activities in a safe, secure, online environment supplemented by live events (Still in development)