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Financial Assistance Information

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) is committed to helping all girls participate in Girl Scouting. No girl will be denied membership in Girl Scouts for financial reasons. The financial assistance fund was created for membership and program opportunities in and beyond the troop activities for girls and adults. Financial assistance is carefully considered and the amounts offered are based on available funds in the annual financial assistance budget.

This year our financial assistance is limited to the $15 membership registration. Limited funds are available for GSGLA program events. Girl Scout troops are encouraged to budget for financial assistance for activities, girl membership registration, program fees, awards/recognitions, and adult leadership enrichment from their fall product and cookie proceeds.

Requesting Financial Assistance

Parents communicate a request for financial assistance to their child’s troop leader who determines if troop funds are available for membership registration. If troop funds are not available, the troop leader may contact the service unit manager to see if service unit (SU) funds are available. If SU funds are not available, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) will assist. 

Troop leaders can contact GSGLA Customer Care at 213-213-0123 or email for the process to submit a request.

Parents of girls not in troops may also contact Customer Care at 213-213-0123 or email for the process.

For assistance with GSGLA program event fees, please contact Customer Care at 213-213-0123.