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Staff Training Period


GSGLA Mission Delivery Realignment 

Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change –Jim Rohn

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles is realigning the mission delivery staff structure for the membership, volunteer development, program, retail & product sales, and administration departments. The goal of this realignment is to create an improved volunteer and membership experience.

In response to volunteer feedback, the new structure will provide more specialized task-focused functions for staff so that questions and concerns can be managed in a more effective way.

The goal is to be faster, easier, and fun! After the realignment and training, you can expect improvements to:

  • the volunteer experience
  • customer service
  • response time
  • help availability of staff to volunteer needs
  • information availability
  • staff synergy

Any change in an organization is complex, and GSGLA is striving to make this transition seamless. Does that mean no “bumps along the way?” Not necessarily, but we have put in place training and communication for staff and the entire membership to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We thank you in advance for your patience in this process.

Staff Training Period, May 19-June 13 

To better serve our volunteers and members through improved customer service, communication, and staff collaboration -- some GSGLA staff will be undergoing extensive training, May 19-June 13. 

During this time, all service centers and shops will remain open with regular hours; however, membership, volunteer development, and reception staff will be available in a limited capacity. 

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Click here to view FAQs related to the mission delivery realignment.