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Important Dates

Troop Deadlines

Aug. 1-17 

Service unit fall product chairs (SUFPCs) attend their service center training

Aug. 15-Sept. 15


Troop fall product chairs (TFPCs) attend their service unit's training

Sept. 30

Order-taking for nuts and magazines (order card and online) begins

Oct. 14

Deadline for girls to send 12+ valid emails to qualify for email-related awards

Oct. 23*

Order-taking ends (order card and online). Parents (or troop fall product chair) enter order card orders in M2OS by 9 p.m.*

Oct. 25*

Troops finalize orders by 9 p.m.*

Oct. 27

Service units finalize orders by 9 p.m.

Nov. 11-14

Trophy Nut order delivery to service units and distribution to troops (dates/locations vary)

Nov. 11-20

Direct sales via lemonade stands and residential walkabouts ONLY

Nov. 20

Fall product program ends

Nov. 28*

Last day for troops to enter allocations of product to girls for rewards and request troop-to-troop transfers. Due in M2OS no later than 9 p.m.*

Nov. 29

Last day for service unit fall product chairs to review GOC, allocations, and complete troop-to-troop transfers. Deadline of 9 p.m.

Dec. 2

Last day to notify product sales managers to adjust ACH debit

Dec. 6

ACH debit: Troops must deposit all funds into the troop account in time to ensure funds availability for the troop account withdrawal.

* Based on scheduling, your service unit fall product chair or troop fall product chair (as applicable) reserves the right to adjust up any due date or time to make sure she/he is able to meet her/his deadline. If you have any questions, please consult your service unit fall product chair or troop fall product chair (as applicable).