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Fall Product Program

Girl Scout Fall Product Program 2017 runs from Sept. 29—Nov. 19.

The GSGLA Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money-earning opportunities for the troops. The fall sale is directed toward family and friends—those closest to Girl Scouting and enables troops to earn start-up money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy.

Five skills girls learn through the programs:

 Goal Setting

 Decision Making

 Money Management

 People Skills

 Business Ethics 

In addition to these important business skills, girls will also learn philanthropy through the Gift of Caring program.

Benefits for Troops: Earn Funds for Activities

The GSGLA Fall Product Program is the perfect opportunity for troops to kick-off the Girl Scout year with a fun team-building activity that also generates essential funds to support troop activities. Also, new troops that have no resources in their treasury can quickly earn money to fund their needed uniforms, Journey Books, and Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.

Troops retain a full 25% of the purchase price of all Trophy Nut products and 20% of the purchase price of M2 Media Group magazine sales. Plus, girls can earn patches and other fun rewards. Make sure your troop is participating in the fall product program!

Training & Resources

The Girl Scout Fall Product Program helps girls gain critical business skills through the experience of selling nuts, snacks, and M2 Media magazine subscriptions/renewals. Any Girl Scout can participate, whether she's in a troop or a Juliette (independently registered). Ready to join the fun?
Talk to your troop fall product chair about participating today!

Helpful Resources


Nut-e-gram: Fall Product Program Newsletter

The first Nut-e-gram will be emailed in September. To make sure you are signed up to receive fall product program news and all GSGLA newsletters, click here.

Meet the Products

Trophy Nut Products & Pricing - See order cards for details. 

Online Program

Nuts & Magazines Rolled Into One!

In 2016, the systems for the nut/candy portion of the sale and the magazine portion of the sale were combined into one system. That continues this season! Girl Scouts the opportunity to send emails to family and friends, inviting them to support their product sales efforts by purchasing a wide variety of products (beyond those on the order card) nuts, chocolates, and magazines/other subscriptions online!

Manage online store at her virtual office

Build their own Me2 avatar, with cool new feature this year!

Girls can earn a patch of their customized avatar! 

Customers can have products shipped or delivered

Talk to your troop fall product chair and ask how to get started today! The M2OS online program makes it even easier for girls to fundraise for their troops while learning how to utilize technology as a tool. Girls just need to register online, create their Me2 Avatar, and enter email addresses of friends and family. With just a few clicks of your keyboard, you can reach all your customers, making you an online entrepreneur! 

Gift of Caring

Gift of Caring Program Info for Troops

When your troop sells products through Gift of Caring, the product is not physically picked up by the customer or the troop. This is why it is described as a virtual donation. Here are the steps for participating in Gift of Caring:

  • Girls collect the donation and complete the Gift of Caring Receipt at the customer's request
  • Give one copy to the customer and keep one for the troop records
  • Record the quantity sold in M2OS under "Gift of Caring" (GOC)
  • Recording in M2OS lets GSGLA know how many cans to purchase and gives girls credit for cans sold
  • Girls are eligible for the Gift of Caring charm for selling ten or more cans

Fall Product Program Gift of Caring Partners
All Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Gift of Caring partners are registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX
Operation Gratitude

Key Dates

Troop Deadlines & Key Dates

Aug 22 – Sep 22

Troop fall product chairs (TFPC) attend their service unit’s training.

Sep 29

Order-taking for nuts and magazines (order card and online) begins

Oct 13

Deadline for girls to send 12+ valid emails to qualify for email-related awards.

Oct 22

Order-taking ends (order card and online). Parents (or troop fall product chair) enter order card orders in M2OS by 9:00 pm.

Oct 24

Troops finalize orders by 9:00 pm*.

Oct 26

Service units finalize orders by 9:00 pm.

Nov 10 – 13

Trophy Nut order delivery to service units and distribution to troops (dates/locations vary).

Nov 10–19

Direct sales via lemonade stands and residential walkabouts ONLY.

Nov 19

Fall product program ends.

Nov 27

Last day for troops to enter allocations of product to girls for rewards and request troop-to-troop transfers. Due into M2OS no later than 9:00 pm.

Nov 29

Last day for service unit fall product chairs to review GOC, allocations, and complete troop-to-troop transfers. Deadline of 9:00 pm.

Dec 1

Last day to notify product sales managers to adjust ACH debit.

Dec 5

ACH debit: Troops must deposit all funds into the troop account in time to ensure funds availability for the troop account withdrawal.

*Based on scheduling, your service unit fall product chair or troop fall product chair (as applicable) reserves the right to adjust up any due date or time to make sure she/he is able to meet her/his deadline. If you have any questions, please consult your service unit fall product chair or troop fall product chair (as applicable).

Fall Product FAQ

Why do a Fall Product Program? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a fun way to help your troop/group earn those much needed start-up funds. Earn money for registration, troop materials, etc. Plus, the program offers some fun incentives!

What rewards can Girl Scouts earn this year?

10 units – Participation Patch
25 Units -- Flower Hair Clips
50 Units -- Star Necklace
75 Units -- Star Oil Cloth Lunch Sack
100 Units -- Bunny Plush
25+, 50+, 75+, 100+ Units -- Charm (at highest level sold)
10 GOC Units -- Gift of Caring Charm
12 Valid emails sent by Oct. 13 -- Online  Charm

Create Me2  Avatar and 12 Valid emails sent by Oct. 13 and $250 In Combined Nut and Magazine Sales -- Custom Me2  Avatar Patch

Create Me2  Avatar and 12 Valid emails sent by Oct. 13 and $100 In Combined  Nut and Magazine Sales and 250 Cookie Boxes Sold in 2018  -- 2017 Nut and 2018 Cookie Combined Patch

Troop Reward: Troop PGA of 50 Units    Movie Tickets (1 per selling girl & 2 Troop Leader)

Can our troop opt out of recognitions?
There is no opt-out option for the Fall Product Program.

What are the Troop training dates for the 2017 Fall Product Program?
Troops will be trained in August/September and dates will vary by Service Unit and Region. Please contact your Service Unit Manager, Service Unit Fall Product Chair, Service Delivery Specialists or regional Product Sales Manager for details.

What Trophy Nut products are available for this year’s Program?

There are 16 nut varieties for 2017:

Butter Toffee Peanuts ($5) – number 1 seller in GSGLA!
Spicy Cajun ($5)
Fruit Slices ($5)
Peanut Butter Monkeys ($5)
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels ($5)
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds ($7)
Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Cashews ($7)
Cranberry Trail Mix ($7)
Select Mix Nuts ($7)
Chocolate Covered Raisins ($7)
Chocolate Covered Almonds ($7)
Whole Cashews ($7)
Peppermint Bark ($9)
Pecan Supremes ($9)
Mint Trefoils ($9)
S’Mores Mix ($9)

When is the Initial Order period?
Initial order taking begins September 29 and orders (order card and online) must be submitted/entered by October 22 at 9:00 pm.

When and where is Initial Order delivery?
Initial Order delivery is Nov. 10-13. Locations vary by region and you will be informed of your location at training.

Will we use a software system for ordering, calculating sales and girl recognitions?
Yes, the software system is called M2OS. It can handle both nut and magazine orders. September training dates will be posted on the GSGLA website (

Will an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) system to collect funds due to council?
Yes, the debit will be on December 5, so make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the amount due at least 7 days before this debit date. Processing times for deposits vary; do not wait until the day before the debit is scheduled to deposit money into your troop account; You should be depositing promptly and frequently and encouraging your parents to be turning over funds they/their daughter have/has collected promptly and frequently.

If I am a Juliette, can I still participate in the Fall Program?
Yes. Reach out to the Product Sales Manager in your area so she can put you in touch with the SU Fall Product Chair nearest you.

Will there be a Fall Gift of Caring Program?
Yes, customers may make monetary GOC donations (in $5 increments). GSGLA will then purchase nuts to be sent to the LAX USO, local food banks through the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and Operation Gratitude. Gift of Caring receipts are available for those that request one.

What about the magazine portion of the sale?
All magazine orders are taken online. When a girl (with her parent) sets up her storefront in M2OS she will be emailing family and friends about her sale. A link in that email will direct her customers to her store where they can choose to order nut/candy products and/or order/renew magazine subscriptions. For magazines, the troop will receive 20% of the total dollar amount sold. This portion of the program is linked directly with the nut/candy portion, she doesn’t need to do anything different when setting up her storefront, her customers will be sent links to both shopping areas.

I understand there is a Service Unit Bonus. What is that?
We know you have big plans to support your troops next year, but may be a little short on funds to do that.  Here’s an answer. Set a service unit goal of at least 40 units per girl selling and organize your team on how to achieve it. Service units who increase the number of girls participating by 10 girls or 10% over last year (whichever is less) AND have a Per Girl Average of 40 units or higher, will receive proceeds per number of units sold.


SU earns/unit


2.5 cents


5.0 cents


7.5 cents


10.0 cents

What if I have additional questions?
You can check the GSGLA website for updates or contact your Service Unit Fall Product Chair, who will contact your regional Product Sales Manager as needed.

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